Revelation Online Open Beta Incoming is launching the Revelation Online open beta on March 6, and you can grab a Founder’s Pack to reserve your name and play early! It feels like it has been some time since we talked about Revelation Online. Nonetheless, there is good reason to mention it again since details about the incoming Revelation Online […]

Revelation Online Closed Beta Update

The Revelation Online closed beta fires up in October, so make sure you have signed up for a chance to test it! I have been meaning to mention the Revelation online closed beta again for the past month, but it kept slipping through the cracks. Our good friend Kusaha sent us a reminder about the […]

Revelation Online Closed Beta Registration

Sign up for the Revelation Online closed beta and get ready to take flight! Once again our good friend Kusaha has been kind enough to send us some interesting beta testing news to share with everyone! This time he wanted us to let everyone know about the new MMORPG that is being brought to us […]