Minimum Beta Registration

It would seem that the idea of combining first or third person shooters with MOBAs is catching on.  We have already seen Smite, the new Orc Must Die Unchained is on the way and accepting pre-orders, and now we have Minimum also on deck.  Currently the Minimum beta registration is up and running, and you […]

Pixel Piracy Early Access

Pixel Piracy has arrived as yet another Steam early access game.  Well it sort of an early access because in this case the players pushed the studio to release the game on Steam (patience isn’t something that gamers generally have a lot of).  Pixel Piracy features a sandbox open world pirate simulator with some very […]

Strife Beta Sign-up

Yet another incoming MOBA, although this time it is from S2, the makers of Heroes of Newerth, which has a reputation of having one of the more caustic MOBA communities around (and for MOBAs, that is saying something).  In any case, it appears that S2 are taking another crack at it with Strife.  Ironically, from […]

End of Nations Beta Sign-ups

After a bit of a hiatus during which alpha/beta testing were shut down and the game reworked, End of Nations is ramping up again towards testing.  If you already have a Trion account so can simply log in to sign-up for the beta, otherwise you will need to register for a new account.  The main […]

HEX: TCG Beta Notification Sign-up

HEX: Shards of Fate, the newly revealed “MMO TCG” by Cryptozoic is accepting beta notification signs-ups.  Click the Beta link in the upper right of their site and enter your e-mail address.  They are also offering guaranteed beta access if you donate to their kickstarter campaign, which runs until June 7th. The game claims to […]

Merc Elite Pre-Beta Sign-up

Feel like trying out a more modern military-based MOBA?  Then head over the Merc Elite website and sign-up to hear about their future beta test. Return to the DBB homepage.

Total War: Arena Pre-Beta Sign-up

It seems like everyone is getting into MOBAs these days, including the makers of the popular Total War games.  There isn’t any beta sign-up available yet, but you can sign up to be notified about the beta in the future. Return to the DBB homepage.