Wild Terra Open Beta Event

Juvty Worlds is running a Wild Terra open beta event for Halloween until October 27, so jump in and try out this player-driven sandbox MMO! I meant to post about this yesterday but I got really bogged down at work. So, apologies to everyone about being a day late on this. The good folks over […]

Paladins Open Beta

The Paladins open beta fired up today, so this is your chance to try out this new team-based shooter from Hi-Rez Studios! So today is a day of open beta news it would seem. Next up is the Paladins open beta that went live today! If you have been wanting to give this new team-based […]

Atlas Reactor Open Beta

Trion has fired up the Atlas Reactor open beta ahead of the game’s launch in October, so jump in and try out this simultaneous turn-based PvP arena game! First of all, I must apologize for the connection chaos that the Death by Beta site went through this week. Our host had a server meltdown earlier […]

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

The Battlefield 1 open beta has begun, so head over to Origin in order to download and test out this latest Battlefield game set in World War 1! I have to admit that I haven’t really been into the Battlefield games all that much. The original Battlefield 1942 was quite awesome, but the franchise sort […]

Ever Jane Open Beta

Check out the Ever Jane open beta. If you are really into online role play, then this new Jane Austen inspired MMORPG might just be your thing. And now for something completely different. I saw a post last week over on MassivelyOP regarding the Ever Jane open beta going live, but I didn’t really read […]

Paragon Open Beta

The Paragon open beta is now in full swing, so this is a great time to check out and help test this new third person MOBA from Epic Games! Well, my wife and I are still in the process of moving houses, and that has played havoc with my ability to play games, write articles, […]

Elder Scrolls: Legends Open Beta

I apologize for the lack of activity over the past week. My wife and I are in the process of packing up our house and moving. As a result, I am going to be a bit slow in keeping up with the news for another couple of weeks. This is why I am a about […]

First Assault Open Beta

The First Assault open beta fires up on July 28, so get ready to test out this Ghost in the Shell multiplayer shooter! It has been awhile since we have talked about Nexon’s First Assault. However, there is once again good reason to since the First Assault open beta is set to fire up in […]

Evolve Stage 2 Open Beta

Check out the Evolve Stage 2 open beta that is now freely availble via Steam, and try out this rework of the 1v4 multiplayer game! I would be very surprised if that, by now, any of you haven’t heard about the launch of Evolve Stage 2 on Steam. Essentially, Turtle Rock Studios have overhauled the […]

Riders of Icarus Open Beta

The Riders of Icarus open beta goes live today! Well, the day has finally arrived. Today marks the beginning of the Riders of Icarus open beta! Those of you who have been waiting for a chance to try out this new MMORPG from Nexon will have your chance very shortly! Huzzah! The Riders of Icarus […]

Atlas Reactor Open Beta Week

Trion is running a week long Altas Reactor open beta event starting on July 8! Just for kicks I went back and had a look at how many Atlas Reactor news posts we have done, and it is quite a few. Well, time to add another one to the pile because there is an incoming […]

Riders of Icarus Open Beta Incoming

The Riders of Icarus open beta starts on July 6, with a head start for Founder’s Packs on June 29! This bit of news is a bit old now, but I figured I would wait until the start of the Riders of Icarus open beta to talk about it. It doesn’t actually start until July […]

Paragon Open Beta Weekend

Another Paragon open beta weekend is incoming, starting June 16! At this point I have given up trying to keep track of all of the Paragon beta weekends that have come and gone. And we get to add another one to the pile! Yes, Epic Games is running another Paragon open beta weekend, starting on […]

Yet Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend is incoming! It would appear that Trion is not yet finished with opening up the Atlas Reactor beta test for select weekends. I say that because I received a mailing list email this morning stating that there would be yet another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend event running this […]

And Another Paragon Beta Weekend

Another Paragon beta weekend is heading our way and it will be open to all! I am actually starting to lose track of how many Paragon beta events have come and gone lately. Is it two? Three? Whatever, all you need to know is that there is yet another Paragon beta weekend inbound and will […]

Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Well, let see…the Atlas Reactor closed beta started mid April and held an open beta weekend two weeks later. Another two weeks after that another Atlas Reactor open weekend is slated to begin, and that just happens to be tomorrow, May 13! Perhaps this is going to be a regular thing from Trion and Atlas […]