LawBreakers Open Beta

Boss Key Productions have fired up the LawBreakers open beta via Steam, so get over there and try out this new frantic team-based shooter! Well, it looks like our coverage of all of the LawBreakers testing events will soon be ending (/sadface). However, before that happens we can at least celebrate the LawBreakers open beta […]

LawBreakers Closed Beta

Boss Key Productions is running a second LawBreakers closed beta starting on May 18, so sign up for a chance to test out this new team shooter! For awhile last year it felt like we talked about LawBreakers all the time, what with all of the ongoing alpha events. And then there was the launch […]

LawBreakers Closed Beta Incoming

Boss Key Productions is launching the LawBreakers closed beta on March 16, so sign up now for chance to test out this new hectic shooter! It has been awhile since we talked about LawBreakers, but this seems like a good time to revisit the game. The LawBreakers closed beta is set to being on March […]

LawBreakers Alpha Key Giveaway

Grab a key from our LawBreakers alpha key giveaway, and get ready to test out the game in the incoming LawBreakers alpha test! OK, so I have good news and better news. The good news is that there is another LawBreakers alpha test event incoming. The better news is that time around we have alpha […]

Another LawBreakers Closed Alpha Event

There is another LawBreakers closed alpha event running on July 22 and 23, so sign up for a chance to participate! It would seem that this is going to become a regular thing, but there is another LawBreakers closed alpha event coming this weekend. This alpha event will be broken up over two days, July […]

LawBreakers Closed Alpha Event

Another LawBreakers closed alpha event is running this weekend, so make sure you are signed up for the alpha test! Good heavens! It would seem this weekend is all alpha testing all the time! I just received another email, this time from Nexon, letting me know that the third LawBreakers closed alpha event takes place […]

Lawbreakers Alpha Update

The LawBreakers closed alpha begins in a couple of weeks! It is always nice to wake up to interesting game testing related news, as was the case this morning. About 20 minutes ago, Death by Beta received an email sharing details about the incoming LawBreakers alpha, specifically that it will be starting in a couple […]