Defenders of Naxia Demo and Kickstarter

Check out the pre-alpha Defenders of Naxia demo that is currently available as part of the game’s Kickstarter campaign! We don’t really cover crowdfunding campaigns much these days, although I do continue to peruse Kickstarter on occasion to look for campaigns that also include a game demo to try out. Case in point is the […]

InSomnia Kickstarter and Demo

Well here is some news that I meant to post about a couple of weeks ago but it completely slipped my mind. Better late than never I suppose. If you happen to recall, almost two years ago I mentioned the InSomnia Kickstarter and its technical demo. I actually liked the look of the game and […]

The Wild Eight Kickstarter and Pre-Alpha Demo

I have been keeping my eye on The Wild Eight Kickstarter campaign lately because it sounds like a very interesting survival game premise (which is impressive considering the glut of survival games that have appeared over the past few years). This week it got even more interesting with the release of a pre-alpha demo of […]

The Tower Kickstarter

Time for our first report on a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, and I am happy that it happens to be about the CONSORTIUM: The Tower Kickstarter.  I am happy not only because The Tower looks quite intriguing but also because this Kickstarter is from Interdimensional Games Inc. (iDGi) who just happens to be a group […]

Legends of Callasia Hands-on, Demo, and Kickstarter

Back in the middle of this past summer we told you about the Legends of Fire and Steel Kickstarter from Boomzap Entertainment that was cancelled before the end of the campaign.  As it turns out, the game was down but not out, because once again Monika Guballa from Boomzap emailed us last week to tell […]

Labyrinth Kickstarter and Hands-on (time sensitive!)

Over this past weekend, Wayne Karo from Free Range Games sent us an email to tell us about the Labyrinth Kickstarter, which is now entering its final two days.  It sounds like one of our regular readers pledged to support Labyrinth and during the campaign suggested to Free Range Games that they should ask us […]

Zems Kickstarter (and alpha)

It would seem that Impulse Ltd. is pulling out all of the stops at once when it comes to their new online card game, Zems.  What with launching their open alpha test a few days ago and then the Zems Kickstarter going live yesterday, it feels like all Zems all the time! If you recall, […]

Demetrios Demo

A couple of days ago DBB received a message via our Twitter account from Breton Fabrice, the one man show behind the Demetrios Kickstarter that is currently underway.  Monsieur Fabrice asked us to check out the Kickstarter and to see if we would mind telling everyone about it considering that there is a Demetrios demo […]

Tricone Lab Kickstarter

We have been talking about Tricone Lab quite a bit recently, what with our recent Tricone Lab hands-on and beta key giveaway and all.  Well, there is more Tricone Lab related news for you to digest because the Tricone Lab Kickstarter is now underway and looking for your support. Since you can go back and […]

Eternal Arenas Kickstarter

So it looks like the makers of FORCED are back with a new game, and thanks to our good friend Kusaha for emailing us about this.  This time BetaDwarf have decided to take the crowdfunding route with the FORCED: Eternal Arenas Kickstarter. From what I am gathering from the Eternal Arenas information, it does indeed […]

First Wonder Kickstarter

Well, I woke up to discover some great news.  Apparently Kabuto is coming back!  At least, sort of coming back in the form of First Wonder, a game that is being billed as a spiritual successor to a number of classic games such as MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto.  If the game pulls that off […]

Battle Chasers Kickstarter

Some Kickstarter campaigns, it would seem, are simply destined for greatness.  Such appears to be the case for the Battle Chasers Kickstarter that is already close to meeting its goal after only a couple of days. And from what I am reading about the game, there is a good reason for that. Battle Chasers: Nightwar […]

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter

I think that it is safe to say that Divinity: Original Sin has been been one of the most well received RPGs over the past year since it released.  It may even be edging its way into the ranks of all time favourite RPGs depending on who you ask.  Given that, it is easy to […]

Goliath Kickstarter

I don’t recall when or where DBB first heard about Whalebox and their upcoming game, Goliath, but somewhere along the way someone signed us up for the Goliath newsletter.  Not for naught, as it turns out, because a few minutes ago we received an email informing us that the Goliath Kickstarter is now live!  After […]

Submerge Kickstarter

I think I may have said this in the past but I am not exactly great at RTS games, at least not the ones that requires massive amount of multitasking and high APM ratings.  Nonetheless I rather like them in general, which is perhaps why the Submerge Kickstarter caught my attention this morning.  If you […]

Dark Storm Kickstarter and Demo

Over the weekend, we here at DBB recieved not one but two emails from different people at Fenrir Studios asking if we could let all of you know about their Dark Storm Kickstarter that is currently underway.  Well, as we always say, ask and ye shall receive.  Moreover, there is a Dark Storm concept demo […]