Luna Online Reborn Beta Keys

A few days ago, Mitchel Alfaro from Wicked Interactive emailed me to ask if Death by Beta would be interested in giving away a bunch of beta keys for the upcoming Luna Online Reborn closed beta, and of course I said “abosolutely!”  However, I must be upfront in saying that I know nothing of Luna […]

Wincars Racer Beta Keys

Well, we told you a couple of days ago that this was happening, and here go.  The good folks over at DragonJam Studios were kind enough to send Death by Beta a huge number of keys to the Wincars Racer beta test that starts up today!  All you have to do is head below and […]

Wincars Racer Beta

Back in March we told you about the beta registration for Wincars Racer, the new cartoony arcade-esque multiplayer racing game from DragonJam Studios.  Well, it has been a long time coming but the Wincars Racer beta is about to begin!   The beta test will launch in a couple of days on Wednesday, November 18.  […]

Das Tal Alpha Key Giveaway

[Update: all gone, not surprisingly.  I will see if we can get some more and keep you posted]. As we told you about recently, there is a Das Tal 9-day alpha event that is firing up on October 31.  This will be the biggest alpha test yet for Das Tal, the new PvP-centric sandbox MMORPG […]

Tricone Lab Beta Key Giveaway

Update: And they are gone! Stay tuned in case we get another batch of keys. Ok, here we go! We gave you plenty of warning that this was coming down the pipe, and now the time has arrived to give away some Steam beta keys for Tricone Lab!  Act fact and enter your email address […]

Tricone Lab Beta Key Giveaway Incoming!

Following our recent string of beta key giveaways, we received feedback from some of our reader lamenting the fact that we didn’t give more of of “heads up” warning about the giveaways and they missed out.  Well, never let it be said that we here at DBB don’t listen to our audience!  And so, here […]

Another Hyperspace Pinball Beta Key Giveaway

[As was the case last time, these keys were very popular, and we have run out!] This has been a busy week of giveaways here at DBB, and for good measure we are going to celebrate the end of the week with one more!  As we have been telling you via our Twitter account, today […]

Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway (all gone for now)

[Update: Sheesh, those keys went fast!  Stay tuned for more keys in the near future!] I imagine most of you don’t remember this, but last November we bent our own rules a little bit and reported on a Steam Greenlight launch, specifically the Ancestory Greenlight.  We did this as a favour to Kajak Games (formerly […]

Hyperspace Pinball Beta Key Giveaway!

[Update: the keys went quickly! We will be giving away more keys on Aug 28!] Yesterday, as I am sure you already know, we published a quick hands-on article about our experience with the Hyperspace Pinball beta.  Well this morning, Christopher Haag from Gamieon was kind enough to send us a bunch of beta keys […]

Echo of Soul Beta Key Giveaway

[Update: holy crap, those went fast!  We will see if Aeria Games will be kind enough to send us more.] Lately we here at DBB have been noticing more and more buzz regarding the approach of the Echo of Soul MMORPG, being brought from Korea to us gamers in North America and the EU by […]

DoMO Beta Key Giveaway!

Our friends over at Suba Games were kind enough to send us a big bag of beta keys to give out for their upcoming beta test of Dream of Mirror Online launching on February 13, so if you would like a key grab one below in our DoMO beta key giveaway! From what I understand, […]

More Skyforge Beta Key Contests

I see a number of other news sites talking about some new Skyforge beta key contests this morning, so I guess DBB had better follow suit! The good devs of Skyforge have two new contests running via which you have a chance to win a Skyforge beta key.  One of them is a contest to […]

Win a Skyforge Beta Key

It looks like the Skyforge devs are running a little mini-game over in the Skyforge community via which you can win some cool prizes, including a closed beta key!  From what I can tell, the game requires you to register for the Skyforge community first so that it can track your progress, but that shouldn’t […]

Games of Glory Alpha Key Giveaway

Recently the Games of Glory alpha test began its transition from a friends and family alpha into a full blown alpha with a global group of testers.  Lightbulb Crew were giving some keys away directly, but that giveaway expired yesterday.  However, if you didn’t get a key, fear not!  Lightbulb Crew were kind enough to […]

Skyforge Beta Keys (Expired)

I was travelling yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post about this when it went live, but just so you all know there are some Skyforge beta keys being given away today and tomorrow via the Skyforge Facebook page. For those that haven’t been following, Skyforge is an in-development MMORPG which blends sci-fi […]

The Witcher Adventure Game Beta Keys

[Update: all of the keys have been claimed.  If we get more we will let you know.] Not all that long ago we told you about the beta registration for The Witcher: Adventure Game that coincided with the new GOG Galaxy launch.  For those of you who didn’t sign-up or did but didn’t get a key, […]