Warshift Early Access

I am not sure what is up with Steam lately, but it seems recently that early access titles are often launched without Steam listing them on its early access page.  Oh well.  Thankfully Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday noticed the release of the Warshift early access which appears to have gone live last Friday.  Hopefully Steam […]

Eternal Crusade Early Access Incoming

I have been casually following Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade for some time now, and I believe that we even reported on the game late last year.  In any case, I am on the mailing list for the game and that resulted in me getting the latest State of the Crusade update a few days ago.  […]

Empyrion Early Access

I woke up this morning with a strange twitch, a gnawing at the back of mind that something was missing.  Then a few minutes ago I realized what it was…we hadn’t reported on any survival games this week.  They show up so fast and furious that it is now unusual if we don’t report on […]

GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend

Well, if you are still very much enjoying the Guild Wars 2 experience then you probably have long since started getting excited about the Heart of Thorns expansion that is now imminent.  Or, if like me you burned out on Guild Wars 2 at some point but have been looking for a reason to return […]

Dead Realm Early Access

I believe it was Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw of Zero Punctuation fame that said that one “can’t have any kind of tense survival horror and co-op” but I have a feeling that the new Dead Realm early access now available on Steam may beg to differ.  If you like horror games, survival games, multiplayer games, or […]

Bears Can’t Drift!? Early Access

I am trying to imagine the conversation between two game developers that lead to the creation of the Bears Can’t Drift!? early access that hit Steam a few days ago: Dev 1: “You know, I think bears could drive cars but I really doubt that they could do power drifting.” Dev 2: “Of course they […]

Better Late Than Dead Early Access

I think we have commented on quite a number of occasions that survival games are all the rage these days, and to help drive that point home yet another survival game has hit the Steam early access scene.  This time it is the Better Late Than Dead early access that is fresh on the scene.  […]

Act of Aggression Beta Early Access

Ok, perhaps us calling this an “early access” is a bit of a misnomer because Act of Aggression actually isn’t listed as an early access title per se.  Rather, players now have the option of pre-ordering the game as of now, and doing so grants immediate access to the Act of Aggression beta.  So it […]

Bierzerkers Early Access

Now then, here is a game that looks like it could be a tonne of fun without taking itself too seriously.  Bierzerkers!  A game that looks like it is a mash-up of Team Fortress 2 and Loadout with a hefty dose of humorous Viking lore!  If that sounds like fun to you then you owe […]

Dispatcher Early Access

I think I have probably mentioned this here and there, but I recently played through Alien Isolation and I have to admit that I do indeed have a fondness for sci-fi horror games.  If you happen to also like such games then I would like to let you know about the Dispatcher early access that […]

Scraps Early Access

As a kid (or possibly even as adult, we won’t judge) did you ever build a bunch of weaponized vehicles out of Lego and then wage some imaginary battle between them?  If so, the Scraps early access wants to talk to you! Scraps from Moment Studio (which appears to currently be a one man show) […]

Beyond Sol Early Access

I was cruising around the early access titles on Steam today when I happened to stumble across the Beyond Sol early access alpha that went live about a week ago.  What really caught my eye was the one of the top user reviews that described Beyond Sol as a multiplayer version of SPAZ (Space Pirates […]

Third Armored Warfare Early Access (sort of CBT)

Do you love tanks?  Of course you do.  And I bet you love trundling around a digital landscape while doing your best to introduce some heavy ordnance to opposing tanks.  If that is indeed you then you will be happy to know that that the next Armored Warfare early access test goes live tomorrow on […]

The Black Watchmen Early Access

The last time we talked about The Black Watchmen I ruminated on the fact that I really had no idea about what it, or the genre of Alternate Reality Games, is all about.  After reading more about it since then I am starting to get a clearer picture, and I am now convinced that this […]

Interstellar Rift Early Access

I have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for spaceship games, including those in which you get to design, build, and operate your very own ship.  There is just something really great about coming up with a really nice design and then seeing it in action.  If you are like me […]

For Honor Early Registration

As I am sure you all know, E3 is in full swing and so the gaming news scene is thick with announcements and buzz.  One announcement I found interesting was Ubisoft’s new multiplayer melee combat game For Honor, mostly because there is mention of some kind of early registration.  Admittedly, it isn’t super clear what […]