Mirage Beta Registration

Sign up for the Mirage beta test for a chance to test out this brutal magic and melee multiplayer game from the makers of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! I have been surfing all of the E3 news that is piling up out there in the netherverse, and I happened to notice a post over on Rock […]

MIGHT Beta Key Giveaway (more keys added!)

More keys have been added to our MIGHT beta key giveaway, so grab a key quickly for this new PvP arena brawler! This week is a one-two punch for MIGHT around here. Not only did we tell you about the MIGHT beta registration and Steam Greenlight, but we also have a small number of MIGHT […]

GWENT Closed Beta Registration

Sign up for the GWENT closed beta for a chance to test out the standalone version of the popular card game from Witcher 3! I have yet finished Witcher 2, and thus I haven’t bothered to pick up Witcher 3. This in turn means that I have never had a chance to try GWENT, the […]

MIGHT Beta Registration

Sign up for the MIGHT beta test for a chance to try this new PvP arena brawler! So this morning, a software studio over in Sweden reached out to Death by Beta to let us know about another game in development and another beta test. Cristian Malmros from Fast Forward Games was kind enough to […]

Revelation Online Closed Beta Registration

Sign up for the Revelation Online closed beta and get ready to take flight! Once again our good friend Kusaha has been kind enough to send us some interesting beta testing news to share with everyone! This time he wanted us to let everyone know about the new MMORPG that is being brought to us […]

Riders of Icarus Beta Key Giveaway!

We have some Riders of Icarus beta keys up for grabs! [Update: all gone!] Good news! The third and final Riders of Icarus beta test got underway yesterday. Even better news is that Nexon was kind enough to send us some beta keys to giveaway to our readers! Given that the beta test is already […]

Battlerite Update

We have some updated news about Battlerite, and you should sign up for the incoming beta test! Not that long ago, back in March, I excitedly told you about Battlerite and that you could already start signing up for the Battlerite closed beta that is bearing down upon us. This post is both a reminder […]

Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Well, let see…the Atlas Reactor closed beta started mid April and held an open beta weekend two weeks later. Another two weeks after that another Atlas Reactor open weekend is slated to begin, and that just happens to be tomorrow, May 13! Perhaps this is going to be a regular thing from Trion and Atlas […]

Dreadnought Closed Beta

Well, this week marked a huge jump forward in the testing of Dreadnought, the incoming sci-fi arena game that focuses on player slamming each other with capital ship based firepower. The Dreadnought closed beta fired up yesterday, April 29.  Thanks to one of our readers, Dan, for emailing DBB to spur me along to getting […]

Paragon Beta Weekends

So here is some news that was announced last week and is worth reading over if you have been interested in checking out Paragon, the incoming third person MOBA from Epic Game.  Actually, this is an update to the last post I made regarding Paragon and its beta testing. Epic is going to start running […]

Riders of Icarus Closed Beta

I had actually seen mention of the Riders of Icarus closed beta last and it was in the back of my mind to check out. But then one of the DBB readers, Roscoe, emailed me to tell me about it and some other betas in the works, and so I figured I should get on […]

Elder Scrolls: Legends Closed Beta

Well, it would appear that Bethesda are not about to be shut out of surging trend that is online collectible card games, certainly not when the likes of Blizzard are reaping the benefits of building Hearthstone on the WoW franchise. Bethesda clearly figured that the Elder Scrolls franchise was equally attractive fodder for the genre, […]

Atlas Reactor Closed Beta

Well, Trion is clearly wasting no time, because less than a week after the alpha test wrapped up, the Atlas Reactor closed beta fired up, and as of yesterday you could get an invite if you have signed up. Since I mentioned Atlas Reactor only two weeks ago when I told you about the open […]

Overwatch Beta Weekend

Well, this news is a couple of days old now, but thanks to a very intense business grant application that was due yesterday for the company I work for I didn’t have any time until today to post about it. Better late than never I suppose, and so I still want to let everyone know […]

Crossout Closed Beta

What seems like a long time ago, and in fact was back in July of last year, I mentioned that the Crossout closed beta registration was underway.  Well, finally, after many months of not hearing much about the game since then it appears that the Crossout closed beta has finally arrived (and thanks to MMORPG […]

Luna Online Reborn Beta Keys

A few days ago, Mitchel Alfaro from Wicked Interactive emailed me to ask if Death by Beta would be interested in giving away a bunch of beta keys for the upcoming Luna Online Reborn closed beta, and of course I said “abosolutely!”  However, I must be upfront in saying that I know nothing of Luna […]