Another Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We have even more Amazing Eternals closed beta keys up for grabs, so act fast and grab one from our Amazing Eternals closed beta key giveaway! Hah! The good folks over at Digital Extremes were kind enough to send us another batch of keys for the ongoing Amazing Eternals closed beta! As before, you will […]

Black Squad Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Death by Beta has partnered with Neowiz to give away a huge number of keys for the upcoming Black Squad closed beta test, so grab one quickly! Last week I recall briefly hearing about the incoming Black Squad closed beta test. However, as is often the case I was at work at the time and […]

Life is Feudal Closed Beta Test

The Life is Feudal closed beta test is underway, and you can sign up for a chance to test out this in-development persistent-world MMORPG! Here is some news I noticed this morning via our good friends over at PCGamesN. Apparently the third round of the Life if Feudal closed beta test fires up today. You […]