Global Adventures Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We have a bunch of keys up for grabs for the Global Adventures closed beta test that starts on December 29, so grab a Steam key now while they last! [Update: we have more keys, so grab one below!] It has been awhile since we have heard anything from Suba Games, but today that all […]

Another Laser League Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We are running another Laser League closed beta key giveaway, so grab a key for this intense team PvP arena game ahead of the December 15 beta test! Back in October, we gave away a whole bunch of beta keys for the first test of Laser League on Steam. Well, rejoice because 505 Games have […]

Laser League Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We have some keys to giveaway for the Laser League closed beta, so grab one quickly and get ready to test out this new hectic arena game! [Update, Oct 26: we have just added another big chunk of keys! Go, go, go!] Late last week, Death by Beta was contacted about the possibility of handing […]

Riders of Icarus Beta Key Giveaway!

We have some Riders of Icarus beta keys up for grabs! [Update: all gone!] Good news! The third and final Riders of Icarus beta test got underway yesterday. Even better news is that Nexon was kind enough to send us some beta keys to giveaway to our readers! Given that the beta test is already […]

Hyperspace Pinball Beta Key Giveaway!

[Update: the keys went quickly! We will be giving away more keys on Aug 28!] Yesterday, as I am sure you already know, we published a quick hands-on article about our experience with the Hyperspace Pinball beta.  Well this morning, Christopher Haag from Gamieon was kind enough to send us a bunch of beta keys […]

Swordsman Beta Key Giveaway (even more keys!)

As we mentioned recently, the Swordsman beta test is now underway.  Well, the good folks over at Perfect World were kind enough to send us a bunch of keys for anyone that still needs one.  The keys are first come, first serve, so grab one in the Swordsman beta key giveaway below while they last, […]

Want a Dirty Bomb Beta Key?

[Update: I am afraid all of the keys have been snagged!] Do you want a Dirty Bomb beta key?  Of course you do, and we have a few available to give out today. As many of you know, and as we told you recently, Dirty Bomb recently started accepting beta sign ups and began ramping […]

Fortress Craft Evolved Early Access

Fortress Craft Evolved is now available for the PC via Steam early access.  It seems like there is a lot of hype and excitement regarding voxel games these days and you may recall that we recently told you about Trove from Trion.  If you are a voxel aficianado then you may want to pay attention […]