Worlds Adrift Final Alpha Test

The Worlds Adrift final alpha test starts up soon ahead of the closed beta, and you can still sign up for a chance to test out this new sandbox MMORPG! So according to an email I received from Bossa Studios yesterday afternoon, there will be one last Worlds Adrift alpha test before the game heads […]

Fabric Open Pre-alpha

Yesterday we got an email from Torreng Labs, an indie developer that is currently making Fabric, a first person puzzle game that employs a rather interesting mechanic.  Better yet, the Fabric open pre-alpha version of the game is available for everyone to download and try out.  Torreng Labs is hopeful that some of you will […]

Shadow Realms Alpha Registration

It looks like the 4v1 multiplayer Evolve is going to have some competition shortly, because BioWare have just announced their own 4v1 mutliplayer game known as Shadow Realms.  Intrigued?  Good, because the Shadow Realms alpha registration is now live!  On a side note, this explains all of the cryptic “You have been chosen” emails many of […]