LawBreakers Alpha Key Giveaway

Grab a key from our LawBreakers alpha key giveaway, and get ready to test out the game in the incoming LawBreakers alpha test! OK, so I have good news and better news. The good news is that there is another LawBreakers alpha test event incoming. The better news is that time around we have alpha […]

Galactic Junk League Open Alpha

The Galactic Junk League open alpha is underway, so help test out this spaceship construction and arena game! A couple of hours ago Death by Beta received an email from Juraj Ruttkay over at Pixel Federation regarding Galactic Junk League. More significantly, Juraj wanted to let us know that the Galatic Junk League open alpha […]

Another LawBreakers Closed Alpha Event

There is another LawBreakers closed alpha event running on July 22 and 23, so sign up for a chance to participate! It would seem that this is going to become a regular thing, but there is another LawBreakers closed alpha event coming this weekend. This alpha event will be broken up over two days, July […]

Das Tal Summer Alpha Key Giveaway

The Das Tal summer alpha goes live today and we have a limited number of alpha keys available! Well, it has been awhile since we have talked about Das Tal, so let’s get back into the swing of things by telling everyone that the Das Tal summer alpha test fires up today. Better yet, we […]

Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Key Giveaway

Check out our Starfall Tactics pre-alpha key giveaway and grab a key for the upcoming pre-alpha test! Yesterday we told you about the second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event that fires up this coming Thursday. Today we are telling you that we have a bunch of pre-alpha keys available for that very test! All you need […]

Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Event

There is a second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event incoming! Sign up for a chance to test out this sci-fi real time tactical game! Just over a month ago I encouraged everyone to sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha testing. I hope you listened to my advice because this morning I received word via email […]

LawBreakers Closed Alpha Event

Another LawBreakers closed alpha event is running this weekend, so make sure you are signed up for the alpha test! Good heavens! It would seem this weekend is all alpha testing all the time! I just received another email, this time from Nexon, letting me know that the third LawBreakers closed alpha event takes place […]

Abatron Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Abatron alpha for a chance to test out this new RTS and FPS hybrid game from W3 Studios! So late in 2015 I stumbled across Abatron, a new sci-fir RTS/FPS hybrid game being developed by W3 Studios. At that time there wasn’t a huge amount to report on and W3 asked […]

Starfall Tactics Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha test! So just over a year ago I mentioned the Starfall Tactics Kickstarter and talked how it looked like it could be a winner with its blend of real time tactical gameplay and a more persistent online experience, as well as a form of deck building. Anyway, I […]

Escape from Tarkov Alpha

The Escape from Tarkov alpha test is slated to start on August 4! Well I guess the testing plan for Escape from Tarkov has changed somewhat in the recent past. Back at the beginning of the year when I first told you to sign up for the testing, the plan was to have the closed […]

Lawbreakers Alpha Update

The LawBreakers closed alpha begins in a couple of weeks! It is always nice to wake up to interesting game testing related news, as was the case this morning. About 20 minutes ago, Death by Beta received an email sharing details about the incoming LawBreakers alpha, specifically that it will be starting in a couple […]

NITE Team 4 Alpha Demo

Try the NITE Team 4 alpha demo from the makers of The Black Watchmen! Here is some interesting news that I noticed last night on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and that I figured many of you might like to take a look at. The good folks over at Alice & Smith are working on a new […]

Bruce Cannon Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Bruce Cannon alpha test and get ready to test out this new shooter with a fully destructible world! So a couple of days ago, we here at Death by Beta received a message from Flatfish Games about their in-development shooter, Bruce Cannon. More importantly for all of you, Flatfish wanted us […]

GODHOOD Alpha and Kickstarter

A couple of days ago, DBB received an email from GekidoRising asking if we would be so kind mention his in-development indie game, GODHOOD, to all of you. Well, you know our policy of “ask and ye shall receive” and in this case it is rather apropos since the GODHOOD alpha is freely available to […]

Lawbreakers Alpha Registration

I feel like I have heard bit and pieces about Lawbreakers in the past, but for the life of me I can’t remember when or where. In any case, my poor memory aside, if you are interested in signing up to test out a rather unique looking first person shooter then you will be happy […]

Atlas Reactor Open Alpha

[Update: whoops, I meant the Altlas Reactor open ALPHA, not beta.  Sorry about that…all fixed now.] Back in February, Trion held its alpha sneak peek for its incoming turn-based tactical game, Atlas Reactor.  If you missed out on that event then you will be happy to know that the Atlas Reactor open alpha fires up […]