Dauntless Alpha Registration

Phoenix Labs is going to be running a Dauntless alpha test soon, and you can sign up now for a chance to test out this incoming co-op monster hunt RPG! Back at the end of last year I mentioned a new co-op game being developed here in Vancouver called Dauntless. At that time, the Dauntless […]

Master X Master Closed Beta Registration

The Master X Master closed beta registration is now live for the beta starting on April 6, so sign up for a chance to test out this new MOBA from NCSoft! Here is some interesting news that I noticed via Rock Paper Shotgun this morning. Apparently NCSoft is diving into the MOBA genre with Master […]

Wild Terra Online Early Access Giveaway

Juvty Worlds and Death by Beta have teamed up to give away some Wild Terra Online early access keys for the full game on Steam! Well, I am back from almost a week on the road, and I think we should fire things back up with a giveaway! Luckily, the good folks over at Juvty […]

Rend Pre-alpha Registration

Frostkeep Studios is looking for some testers for the Rend pre-alpha, so sign up for a chance to test out this incoming multiplayer survival game! Now that PAX East has wrapped up, everyone is scurrying to cover all of the exciting news that was revealed. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend (PAX Prime is more […]

Decksplash Alpha Registration

The next Decksplash alpha testing event is coming up, and the deadline to register to test out this new skateboarding game is March 16! I seem to recall hearing about Decksplash previously but it appears I didn’t report on the last testing event. No matter, let me rectify that by telling you that the next […]

Games of Glory Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We have some Games of Glory closed beta keys for both Steam and the PS4 to give away, so grab one while they last! The closed beta starts on March 10! Well, it was only yesterday that I told you about the Games of Glory closed beta event that starts tomorrow, March 10. Today I […]

Games of Glory Closed Beta Weekend

There will be a Games of Glory closed beta weekend starting on March 10, so grab a key in order to test out this top down PvP arena shooter! Well glory be (yes, genius, pun intended)! Games of Glory is finally heading into beta, and to start things off there will be a Games of […]

Quake Champions Closed Beta Registration

The Quake Champions closed beta registration is now live, so sign up for a chance to test out this latest iteration of the classic Quake Arena! Well, I imagine this news has already made the rounds yesterday, but I happened to see it this morning via MMOGames strangely enough. Apparently id and Bethesda are going […]

LawBreakers Closed Beta Incoming

Boss Key Productions is launching the LawBreakers closed beta on March 16, so sign up now for chance to test out this new hectic shooter! It has been awhile since we talked about LawBreakers, but this seems like a good time to revisit the game. The LawBreakers closed beta is set to being on March […]

Overload Demo 2.0

The new Overload demo is now available for testing ahead of the early access test, so try out this crazy new six degree of freedom ship shooter! I fondly remember the original Descent games. They provided some crazy six-degress-of-freedom combat, although I can’t claim that I was ever any good at it. In any case, […]

Dynasty Feud Open Beta

Kaia Studios needs some testers for the Dynasty Feud open beta that fires up on March 10, so sign up in order to test out this new multiplayer brawler! Just a few minutes ago, Death by Beta received an email regarding Dynasty Feud, a new multiplayer brawler from the folks at Kaia Studios over in […]

Ashes of Creation Alpha and Beta Registration

There is a weekly drawing to give away keys for the Ashes of Creation alpha and beta testing, so sign up for a chance to test out this incoming MMORPG! I noticed several gaming news sites this morning mentioning the new Ashes of Creation gameplay video that was release this morning. I figured that it […]

Dawn of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Registration

Relic is looking for some testers for the upcoming Dawn of War 3 multiplayer beta, so sign up for a chance to participate! Well, here is some exciting testing related news courtesy of our friends over at PCGamesN. Apparently Relic is quietly prepping for the Dawn of War 3 multiplayer beta and are looking for […]

Worlds Adrift Final Alpha Test

The Worlds Adrift final alpha test starts up soon ahead of the closed beta, and you can still sign up for a chance to test out this new sandbox MMORPG! So according to an email I received from Bossa Studios yesterday afternoon, there will be one last Worlds Adrift alpha test before the game heads […]

Skara Open Alpha

The Skara open alpha is underway, so head over to Steam to download and test out this new team-based PvP arena hack’n’slash game! Well, here is some news that I completely missed from a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the Skara open alpha is running via Steam and waiting for all of you to jump […]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta

The Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta is almost upon us, so pre-load the client now ahead of the open beta launch on February 23! Another day, another Ubisoft test of some Tom Clancy related game, in this case Ghost Recon Wildlands. For those that haven’t heard, the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta starts in two […]