Deadwood Demo

The Deadwood Kickstarter reboot has been going rather swimmingly, and currently Steamroller Studios has raised 91% of the goal in just the first three days.  And while I can’t say for sure if it is true, I would like to think that DBB has been helping out with that success even just a little bit.  […]

Deadwood Kickstarter Reboot

It was actually less than a three weeks ago when DBB stumbled upon the Deadwood Kickstarter and reported on it.  Since then, Steamroller Studios decided that they weren’t happy with the campaign or how it was progressing, and so they decided to pull the plug and reboot the whole thing.  And so here we are, […]

One to watch: Absention

We are going to do something a bit different and tell you about a concept game that doesn’t involve any testing yet, but that I for one certainly hope does in the future.  Absention is a first person puzzle horror game that looks both fantastic and terrifying. Absention really piqued my interest the other day when […]

Deadwood Kickstarter

OK, are you all sitting down?  Good, because I am about to say something that will shock you…I think I have found a zombie game that I can finally get into. Yes, I know all of you are now asking “who are you and what have you done with the real Cyber?!”  But I am […]

Dying Light Developer Tools Closed Beta

Here is another piece of testing news that is restricted to only those who own a particular game, in this case Dying Light.  As was announced on Friday of last week (and thanks to PCGamesN for catching this), the Dying Light developer tools closed beta invites are going out to players who are willing to […]

Early Access Roundup: Monstrum, Victor Vran, and Eden Star

First off, I apologize for the lack of posts on Friday.  Generally I am the posting guy around here with the other few guys dealing with social media and hands-on write ups.  So, when I get sick like I did last week, it can slow down posting-wise.  To make up for that, let’s try a […]

H1Z1 Early Access Hands-on

When H1Z1 was announced last year I sighed, took a deep breath, and wondered why Sony (by now, Daybreak) was shoveling development money into a DayZ ripoff. So when they announced early access recently I did the only logical thing that I could think of. I immediately spent the twenty bucks and bought in! What […]

SoulHunt Open Alpha

I saw a post about SoulHunt this morning over on Rock Paper Shotgun, and it looks both intriguing and freaky.  Plus, the fact that the Soul Hunt open alpha is currently available for everyone to try out is a good reason to mention it here. SoulHunt, from what I gather from the gameplay trailer and […]

Armello and H1Z1 Gameplay Videos

It has been awhile since we put up some new gameplay videos on our DBB YouTube channel, so here is a couple of new Armello and H1Z1 gameplay videos for all of you to check out. As I mentioned recently, the Armello early access went live last week, and I gained access as a backer […]

Space Beast Terror Fright Demo

So I read about Space Beast Terror Fright just the other day on another gaming news site (I want to say Rock Paper Shotgun) and it sounded quite interesting so I threw the name onto the pile to tell you about.  Strange sounding name aside, it looks to be a fun but hectic survival game, […]

Start of the year update!

We are back, baby! First off, Happy New Year to everyone!  It was a nice break around here at DBB, but it is time to get back into the swing of things and start gearing up for 2015. We had debated about whether we should launch a new look for DBB like we did at […]

Immune Early Access

Recently over at I saw mention of Immune, the sandbox survival MMORPG from Vidiludi Games, and I wanted to let all of you know about it since the Immune early access test is currently available. Immune is a top down isometric MMORPG that, if I may say so, appears to have a lot of […]

Ashen Rift Kickstarter Reprise

Ashen Rift is back, baby!  I am really happy to see that the previous Kickstarter experience hasn’t dampened the spirit of the game’s creator, Barry Collins, and so we have a brand new Ashen Rift Kickstarter that is now up and running!  Huzzah! I actually met Barry once not all that long ago (he lives […]

Town of Salem Open Beta

Have you ever heard of those murder mystery parties where a bunch of friends get together at someone’s house and one person commit a fake murder while everyone else tried to figure out who the guilty individual is?  Well, thanks to the Town of Salem (the game, not the actual city) you can now have […]

Miscreated Early Access

As I have said probably more than once lately, survival games are all the rage lately.  Case in point is the release today of the Miscreated early access, and if you are in search for a rather pretty looking survival game then Miscreated might be the way to go. Miscreated is being developed by Entrada […]

Primitives Open Beta

I saw a post regarding Primitives over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and I figured it would be worth a mention here considering that the Primitives open beta is available for download! I don’t really know all that much about Primitives other than what I read over at RPS and on the Primitives IndieDB page.  It is a […]