Escape from Tarkov Closed Beta Registration

Here is some testing news that was brought to our attention by Eddie See via Twitter (thanks Eddie!).  The Escape from Tarkov closed beta is scheduled for sometime in the first quarter of this year, and you can sign up for a chance to test it out. Now I imagine that many of you are […]

Wild Terra Open Alpha Weekend

Yesterday, Psychophobic gave you a quick rundown of Wild Terra and his thoughts on this new sandbox MMORPG with a distinct Ultima Online feel.  Today we are also happy to let all of you know that there is a Wild Terra open alpha weekend starting up tomorrow! If you would like to experience the game […]

Wild Terra Alpha Hands-on

Hi everyone, Psychophobic here.  I am taking a break from manning the DBB social feeds in order to tell you a little bit about Wild Terra, the new sandbox MMORPG that is being developed by Juvty Worlds.  One of the reps from Juvty contacted DBB a few weeks ago and offered us access to the […]

Goliath Kickstarter

I don’t recall when or where DBB first heard about Whalebox and their upcoming game, Goliath, but somewhere along the way someone signed us up for the Goliath newsletter.  Not for naught, as it turns out, because a few minutes ago we received an email informing us that the Goliath Kickstarter is now live!  After […]


A few weeks ago we told you about the XO Kickstarter that is currently underway and that has already successfully reached its goal.  As you can imagine, Jumpdrive Studios has been super busy working to raise the funds and promote the game, but Corey Warning from Jumprive was still able to find some time to […]

Everspace Kickstarter

I really appreciate it when game developers know exactly what they want to produce in a game, and mince no words in telling you about what a game is and is not trying to be.  I get that feeling when I read over the Everspace Kickstarter, and if you are intro “arcady” space sims with […]

Empyrion Early Access

I woke up this morning with a strange twitch, a gnawing at the back of mind that something was missing.  Then a few minutes ago I realized what it was…we hadn’t reported on any survival games this week.  They show up so fast and furious that it is now unusual if we don’t report on […]

Dead Realm Early Access

I believe it was Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw of Zero Punctuation fame that said that one “can’t have any kind of tense survival horror and co-op” but I have a feeling that the new Dead Realm early access now available on Steam may beg to differ.  If you like horror games, survival games, multiplayer games, or […]

Better Late Than Dead Early Access

I think we have commented on quite a number of occasions that survival games are all the rage these days, and to help drive that point home yet another survival game has hit the Steam early access scene.  This time it is the Better Late Than Dead early access that is fresh on the scene.  […]

XO Kickstarter

We here at DBB have been waiting for the launch of the XO Kickstarter for a little while now.  That is because one of the good folks over at Jumpdrive Studios, Corey Warning, has been in touch with DBB several times in the past few months to keep us apprised of XO’s development.  Well, today […]

Dispatcher Early Access

I think I have probably mentioned this here and there, but I recently played through Alien Isolation and I have to admit that I do indeed have a fondness for sci-fi horror games.  If you happen to also like such games then I would like to let you know about the Dispatcher early access that […]

Fornite Alpha Test 3

It appears that the Fortnite alpha is still trucking along nicely because Epic Games just announced that they will be holding a third Fortnite alpha test starting next week on June 30.  Hopefully all of you signed up for the Fortnite alpha test previously because new invites will be going out ahead of this event! […]

Out of Reach Early Access

Another day, another survival game.  Not that that is a bad thing mind you, because survival games can be quite fun.  I am simply starting to wonder how it is that we aren’t all “survivaled” out by now.  Clearly we love plenty of punishment from such games, and since that seems to be true you […]

ARK Early Access

Is it just me, or does it seem like there has been a flurry of dinosaur-based survival games in the past few years?  Perhaps I am simply imagining things, but in either case the new ARK early access that went live a few days ago is bringing us some new dino-action! ARK: Survival Evolved is […]

Tree of Life Early Access

Gah! We have fallen behind once again on our early access coverage.  Too many great games keep hitting early access too quickly!  Anyway, the Tree of Life early access went live on Steam recently, and as sandbox MMOs go this is one to check out if you haven’t already. I have to say that I […]

Early Access Round-up, April 21

It feels like it has been awhile since DBB talked about any early access testing, so let’s do a quick recap of some early access tests that went live recently.  An early access round-up, if you will. First up we have Hover: Revolt of Gamers.  We covered Hover back when it was running its Kickstarter […]