Starfall Tactics Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha test! So just over a year ago I mentioned the Starfall Tactics Kickstarter and talked how it looked like it could be a winner with its blend of real time tactical gameplay and a more persistent online experience, as well as a form of deck building. Anyway, I […]

Yet Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend is incoming! It would appear that Trion is not yet finished with opening up the Atlas Reactor beta test for select weekends. I say that because I received a mailing list email this morning stating that there would be yet another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend event running this […]

Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Well, let see…the Atlas Reactor closed beta started mid April and held an open beta weekend two weeks later. Another two weeks after that another Atlas Reactor open weekend is slated to begin, and that just happens to be tomorrow, May 13! Perhaps this is going to be a regular thing from Trion and Atlas […]

Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Despite the Atlas Reactor closed beta only firing up a couple of weeks ago, Trion have decided that they really want to have a bigger horde of players to test out the game at will, at least temporarily. Thus, you might all be interested to know that there is an Atlas Reactor open beta weekend […]

Atlas Reactor Closed Beta

Well, Trion is clearly wasting no time, because less than a week after the alpha test wrapped up, the Atlas Reactor closed beta fired up, and as of yesterday you could get an invite if you have signed up. Since I mentioned Atlas Reactor only two weeks ago when I told you about the open […]

Atlas Reactor Open Alpha

[Update: whoops, I meant the Altlas Reactor open ALPHA, not beta.  Sorry about that…all fixed now.] Back in February, Trion held its alpha sneak peek for its incoming turn-based tactical game, Atlas Reactor.  If you missed out on that event then you will be happy to know that the Atlas Reactor open alpha fires up […]

Battleplans Beta Registration

Gah!  I completely forgot to post about this a couple of weeks ago when Patrick from En Masse Entertainment emailed me about it.  The Battleplans beta is going to be up and running soon, and the Battleplans beta registration is already up and running. To save time, here is the information about Battleplans that is […]

Atlas Reactor Alpha Sneak Peek Week

Back in August of last year I mentioned the Atlas Reactor alpha test that was about to start up, and no doubt every single one of you heeded my advice to sign up.  Well those that didn’t (shame on you) or those that missed the news, you will be happy to know that Trion is […]

Legends of Callasia Hands-on, Demo, and Kickstarter

Back in the middle of this past summer we told you about the Legends of Fire and Steel Kickstarter from Boomzap Entertainment that was cancelled before the end of the campaign.  As it turns out, the game was down but not out, because once again Monika Guballa from Boomzap emailed us last week to tell […]

Zems Kickstarter (and alpha)

It would seem that Impulse Ltd. is pulling out all of the stops at once when it comes to their new online card game, Zems.  What with launching their open alpha test a few days ago and then the Zems Kickstarter going live yesterday, it feels like all Zems all the time! If you recall, […]

Zems Open Alpha

It has been awhile since we talked about Zems, the new online card and tactical turn-based game from Team Impulse.  I was on the verge of posting about the Zems alpha a few weeks ago, but then suddenly it was postponed.  Well, the Zems alpha is once again back on the table, and in fact […]

Duelyst Open Beta

I noticed yesterday afternoon over on PC Gamer that the Duelyst open beta went live a couple of days ago, and that seems like some news that all of you would be interested in!  When we mentioned Duelyst last month it was in its closed beta testing, and so clearly it is now in the […]

Duelyst Beta Registration

Well it seems that we completely missed the boat on this one, but at some point in the past month or so the Duelyst beta went live and everyone can sign up for a chance to test out the game.  I apologize for missing this one, which is lame since DBB is following the Duelyst […]

The Death List for August 2015

My, how the time flies.  It is mid September already so let’s return to last month and recap all of the game testing news in the Death List for August 2015.  One thing that really stood out last month is just how many Kickstarters were launched and then subsequently cancelled.  I didn’t bother listing them […]

Another Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway

[Update: gone already.  Gamers are clearly interested in trying Ancestory!  We will keep you posted about possibly getting more keys yet again.] The flurry of beta key giveaways last week included a bunch of paired beta keys for Ancestory, the new tactical turn-based game from Kajak Games.  Those keys went really quick, which both delighted […]

Atlas Reactor Alpha Registration

Well, well, well…Trion is once again announcing a new multiplayer game.  According to the Trion mailing list email that DBB received yesterday, Atlas Reactor is a new team-based multiplayer game that also happens to be a tactical turn-based game.  Better yet, the Atlas Reactor alpha registration is already live and waiting for you to sign up! […]