Shadow Tactics Demo

Check out the Shadow Tactics demo from Mimimi Productions and try out this new isometric tactical stealth game ahead of the game’s launch! So here is a really cool demo that I heard about in an indirect fashion. As you know, we have covered The Exiled (formerly called Das Tal) extensively over the past couple […]

Starfall Tactics Faction Wars Pre-Alpha Test and Keys

The Starfall Tactics Factions Wars pre-alpha test starts on November 17 featuring some new PvP aspects of the game, and we have some keys available! Let’s see now, it was back in the summer when we last mentioned the Starfall Tactics pre-alpha test. In fact, we were giving out keys to the test back then […]

Iron Tides Demo and Kickstarter

Try out the Iron Tides demo and consider supporting the Kickstarter of this viking-based rogue-lite strategy game from Crash Wave Games! This week Death by Beta received a couple of emails about the Iron Tides Kickstarter that is in its final week (four days left as I write this). More importantly, it seems that there […]

SMITE Tactics Closed Beta Registration

The SMITE Tactics closed beta registration is now underway, so sign up for a chance to test this new turn-based tactical game from HiRez! First of all, HiRez when are you going to finally do Global Agenda 2? I have fond memories of the original, despite its flaws, and I would be down to try […]

Vigilantes Alpha Demo

Check out the Vigilantes alpha demo and try this new crime-themed turn-based RPG game that is currently being developed by Timeslip Softworks! Yesterday Death by Beta received an email from Daithi McHugh over in Ireland regarding the new game that he and Timeslip Softworks are developing called Vigilantes. More specifically, Daithi wanted me to let […]

Atlas Reactor Open Beta

Trion has fired up the Atlas Reactor open beta ahead of the game’s launch in October, so jump in and try out this simultaneous turn-based PvP arena game! First of all, I must apologize for the connection chaos that the Death by Beta site went through this week. Our host had a server meltdown earlier […]

Space Tyrant Open Alpha

Check out the Space Tyrant open alpha from Blue Wizard Digital, and help test out this new and lighthearted turn-based 4X rogue-lite strategy game! It is crazy how many emails Death by Beta received over the past couple of weeks telling us about ongoing testing opportunities. Well, here is another one. The Space Tyrant open […]

Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Key Giveaway

Check out our Starfall Tactics pre-alpha key giveaway and grab a key for the upcoming pre-alpha test! Yesterday we told you about the second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event that fires up this coming Thursday. Today we are telling you that we have a bunch of pre-alpha keys available for that very test! All you need […]

Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Event

There is a second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event incoming! Sign up for a chance to test out this sci-fi real time tactical game! Just over a month ago I encouraged everyone to sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha testing. I hope you listened to my advice because this morning I received word via email […]

Atlas Reactor Open Beta Week

Trion is running a week long Altas Reactor open beta event starting on July 8! Just for kicks I went back and had a look at how many Atlas Reactor news posts we have done, and it is quite a few. Well, time to add another one to the pile because there is an incoming […]

Abatron Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Abatron alpha for a chance to test out this new RTS and FPS hybrid game from W3 Studios! So late in 2015 I stumbled across Abatron, a new sci-fir RTS/FPS hybrid game being developed by W3 Studios. At that time there wasn’t a huge amount to report on and W3 asked […]

Starfall Tactics Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha test! So just over a year ago I mentioned the Starfall Tactics Kickstarter and talked how it looked like it could be a winner with its blend of real time tactical gameplay and a more persistent online experience, as well as a form of deck building. Anyway, I […]

Yet Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend is incoming! It would appear that Trion is not yet finished with opening up the Atlas Reactor beta test for select weekends. I say that because I received a mailing list email this morning stating that there would be yet another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend event running this […]

Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Well, let see…the Atlas Reactor closed beta started mid April and held an open beta weekend two weeks later. Another two weeks after that another Atlas Reactor open weekend is slated to begin, and that just happens to be tomorrow, May 13! Perhaps this is going to be a regular thing from Trion and Atlas […]

Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Despite the Atlas Reactor closed beta only firing up a couple of weeks ago, Trion have decided that they really want to have a bigger horde of players to test out the game at will, at least temporarily. Thus, you might all be interested to know that there is an Atlas Reactor open beta weekend […]

Atlas Reactor Closed Beta

Well, Trion is clearly wasting no time, because less than a week after the alpha test wrapped up, the Atlas Reactor closed beta fired up, and as of yesterday you could get an invite if you have signed up. Since I mentioned Atlas Reactor only two weeks ago when I told you about the open […]