Big Pharma Early Access Open Beta Something-or-Other

If the title of this post confuses you, rest assured that we are all confused, including the devs over at Twice Circled.  I got an email from their mailing list this morning declaring that the Big Pharma open beta was live.  But, upon closer inspection of their blog post, it sounds like it is more […]

Air Brawl Early Access

Almost a year ago, we told you about an indie aerial combat game called Air Brawl and mentioned that it was doing some play testing.  I hadn’t heard much about it since, and so I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I saw that the Air Brawl early access test had arrived on Steam!  I […]

Starfighter Kickstarter

I have had a link to the new Starfighter Kickstarter on my desktop for a few days now with the intent to post about it, and finally today it has reached the top of the pile!  For those of you who are really into space sim combat games (like me), the Starfighter Kickstarter is certainly […]

One to watch: Police 10-13

We received a request via Twitter to check out Police 10-13 and to give everyone a heads up about the game, even though testing of the game won’t happen for quite some time.  As a result, I have been reading up on the game concept for the past week and I must say that if […]

The Black Watchmen Community Beta

At the risk of appearing completely obtuse, sometimes here at DBB we encounter a game that simply defies our attempts to describe it.  The Black Watchmen from Alice & Smith (located in La Belle Province!) so far seems to be one of the those game.  I was forwarded an email over the weekend that came […]

EVE: Valkyrie Pre-alpha Registration

There has been quite a bit of excitement in the EVE player base for awhile now surrounding the new EVE based space sim Valkyrie.  Well, today there is even more reason to be excited because not only did CCP release a brand new gameplay trailer for the game, but according to the official Twitter feed […]

World of Warships Closed Beta

Other gaming news sites reported on this announcement yesterday but I was a too busy at work to post about it at the time.  As a result most of you probably already know that the World of Warships closed beta launched tomorrow, March 12.  Nonetheless, it is important for us to be thorough so I […]

Descent Kickstarter

Descent is back!  Or at least, it will be back if the new Descent Kickstarter has its way.  This is great news, especially if you are into frantic and intense PvP action. Chances are that a lot of you don’t remember the original Descent from 20 years ago, but trust me when I say that […]

World of Warships Beta Weekend 2

It wasn’t all that long ago that World of Warships had its first beta weekend.  Well, good news for those that didn’t get a chance to test it out previously because there is another World of Warships beta weekend incoming starting this coming Friday, January 23! Personally I think that the World of Warships is […]

SNOW Closed Beta Registration

By sheer luck this morning I happened to notice a tweet about the SNOW closed beta registration that is now open for business ahead of the beta launch in March.  Lucky indeed considering how fast the tweets fly by, but now that we know about it here at DBB you shall know about it too! […]

Armored Warfare Beta Christmas Giveaway

Way back in May we told you about the Armored Warfare beta registration.  Well, if you missed that news or simply didn’t heed our advice to sign up, you may want to rethink that decision.  Why?  Well, if you sign up for the Armored Warfare beta right now you will actually receive a nice little […]

World of Warships Beta Weekend

The good folks over at Wargaming are at it again, this time with the upcoming World of Warships entering into testing with a beta event being held this weekend from Dec 12 to Dec 14.  If you are interested in trying out the game, there is a handy list of sites that have keys available […]

Fractured Space Testing Registration

Here is another great news item sent to us by Sean Billups!  This time it is regarding the Fractured Space testing registration that is currently ongoing! Since I haven’t heard of Fractured Space from Edge Case Games before now I am once again rushing to research it.  Given that the Fractured Space testing registration form […]

Blackwake Kickstarter

I am in a Kickstarter sort of mood today so let’s talk about another one!  And speaking of moods, I hope you are also feeling in a bit of a “Yaaarrr!” mood because it is the Blackwake Kickstarter that now on deck (see what I did there?). I have been keeping a wandering eye on […]

Elite: Dangerous Beta Test 2

According to the latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter (which I saw via the Elite: Dangerous Twitter feed), the next phase of the beta test will fire up on September 30th.  As before access to the Elite: Dangerous beta test 2 will require you to purchase the beta access. There really isn’t any reason for me to […]

InfiniExplorers Indiegogo (with pre-alpha access)

Yesterday DBB received an email from David Garcerán, the rather pleasant guy behind Farlight Studios and the in-development InfiniExplorers.  David let us know about the InfiniExplorers Indiegogo campaign that is currently running and also that anyone who backs the game will receive pre-alpha access so that they can dig into InfiniExplorers almost right away. InfiniExplorers is […]