Do Not Feed the Monkeys Closed Beta

The Do Not Feed the Monkeys closed beta test fires up today , Sept 18, and you can sign up to participate! A few days ago Death by Beta received an email from Alawar Premium about a new game they are publishing called Do Not Feed the Monkeys. More importantly, the Do Not Feed the […]

NITE Team 4 Alpha Demo

Try the NITE Team 4 alpha demo from the makers of The Black Watchmen! Here is some interesting news that I noticed last night on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and that I figured many of you might like to take a look at. The good folks over at Alice & Smith are working on a new […]

EVE: Valkyrie Alpha

OK, I am back from the holiday break finally, so time now to get back to the business of talking about PC game testing.  Oh, and happy new year to everyone!  Starting off with a bang is CCP and the announcement yesterday that the EVE: Valkyrie alpha test will launch in less than two weeks […]

Armored Warfare Open Beta

Crap, sorry everyone. I got hammered with some emergency meetings yesterday at work and never had a chance to post about this, but the Armored Warfare open beta went live yesterday.  If you have been waiting to try out Armored Warfare then now is the time! We have talked about Armored Warfare from Obsidian Entertainment […]

Armored Warfare Open Beta Incoming

We have mentioned Armored Warfare a number of time over the past 9-10 months as it has slowly wound its way through its closed beta testing.  Well it appears that the end is in sight for us to report on it since the Armored Warfare open beta was announced yesterday and will be firing up […]

Armored Warfare Public Stress Tests

This was actually announced yesterday, although in some ways it was fortuitous that we waited until today to tell you about it because there was an update this morning regarding the Armored Warfare public stress tests that happen this week.  These tests will take place tomorrow (Sept 24) and on Saturday (Sept 26) with the […]

PULSAR Early Access

I am quite confident that every single one of my fellow geeks has at least once in their life day dreamed about being a captain or crew member (likely the latter) on a space ship of some kind.  Don’t lie, I know you have.  The good folks over at Leafy Games also are betting that […]

Outer Wilds Alpha Demo

You may or may not have heard about this, but there is a new videogame crowd funding service on the block named Fig, which is aiming to bring together both pledge supporters and more serious investors.  I had heard about it a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t really looked into it too much.  However, […]

Dreadnought Closed Beta Registration

There has been a steady increase in the excitement surrounding Dreadnought, the upcoming PvP space naval arena game from Yager Development Grey Box.  To add to the frenzy, the Dreadnought beta registration is live and is waiting for everyone to sign up! [Update: I guess the beta registration actually went live a week or two […]

Aquanox Kickstarter

OMG, Aquanox is making a comeback!!  It seems that the Aquanox Kickstarter just launched recently.  I am certainly glad that I stumbled upon it this morning and could help spread the word because having Aquanox make a resurgence is a great thing in my opinion. Aquanox Deep Descent from Digital Arrow and Nordic Games is […]

Everspace Kickstarter

I really appreciate it when game developers know exactly what they want to produce in a game, and mince no words in telling you about what a game is and is not trying to be.  I get that feeling when I read over the Everspace Kickstarter, and if you are intro “arcady” space sims with […]

World of Warships Open Beta

It is now time for everyone to set sail in’s latest team-based arena combat game, World of Warships.  That is because, as of today, the World of Warships open beta is live and available for all of you to play! We have talked about World of Warships several times in the past, and honestly […]

Third Armored Warfare Early Access (sort of CBT)

Do you love tanks?  Of course you do.  And I bet you love trundling around a digital landscape while doing your best to introduce some heavy ordnance to opposing tanks.  If that is indeed you then you will be happy to know that that the next Armored Warfare early access test goes live tomorrow on […]

The Black Watchmen Early Access

The last time we talked about The Black Watchmen I ruminated on the fact that I really had no idea about what it, or the genre of Alternate Reality Games, is all about.  After reading more about it since then I am starting to get a clearer picture, and I am now convinced that this […]

Interstellar Rift Early Access

I have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for spaceship games, including those in which you get to design, build, and operate your very own ship.  There is just something really great about coming up with a really nice design and then seeing it in action.  If you are like me […]

Armored Warfare Early Access

Actually, this is one where the “early access” label is a bit misleading, because the official description of the Armored Warfare early access testing reads more like a closed beta test.  In any case, if you are interested in testing out Armored Warfare then you should know that the second Armored Warfare early access test […]