Another Worlds Adrift Alpha Event Incoming

There is another Worlds Adrift alpha test incoming, and you need to sign up before November 18 if you want to participate! It looks there is another Worlds Adrift alpha event incoming. Bossa Studios is stating that this will be the biggest alpha test event yet for their new sandbox MMORPG, and if you are […]

Wild Terra Open Beta Event

Juvty Worlds is running a Wild Terra open beta event for Halloween until October 27, so jump in and try out this player-driven sandbox MMO! I meant to post about this yesterday but I got really bogged down at work. So, apologies to everyone about being a day late on this. The good folks over […]

Worlds Adrift Alpha Update

There is a brand new Worlds Adrift alpha playtest starting up soon, and you can sign up before August 29 for a chance to participate! It feels like it has been awhile since we have talked about Worlds Adrift. However, there is good reason to once again do so because a new Worlds Adrift alpha […]

The Sandbox Evolution Beta Registration

Pixowl needs some testers for the upcoming Sandbox Evolution beta, so sign up for a chance to test out the PC version of this pixel art world builder game! A brand new week, and yet another opportunity to clear the backlog of emails and news bulletins. We are almost there! This next news item is […]

Galactic Junk League Open Alpha

The Galactic Junk League open alpha is underway, so help test out this spaceship construction and arena game! A couple of hours ago Death by Beta received an email from Juraj Ruttkay over at Pixel Federation regarding Galactic Junk League. More significantly, Juraj wanted to let us know that the Galatic Junk League open alpha […]

Foxhole Demo and Greenlight

Check out the Foxhole demo, and try out this war-based top down MMO shooter that is currently on Steam Greenlight! Here is an interesting looking game that I saw mention of on Massively OP yesterday. Foxhole is a top down isometric MMO shooter that throws players into the front lines of what appears to be […]

Das Tal Summer Alpha Key Giveaway

The Das Tal summer alpha goes live today and we have a limited number of alpha keys available! Well, it has been awhile since we have talked about Das Tal, so let’s get back into the swing of things by telling everyone that the Das Tal summer alpha test fires up today. Better yet, we […]

Ninelives Open Alpha

So as I was surfing around the PC game related news sites this morning I noticed a post about Ninelives over on MassivelyOP.  I had never heard of Ninelives before so of course I immediately started digging around online to discover more about it since the Ninelives open alpha went live a few days ago.  […]

More Worlds Adrift Alpha

About one month ago I mentioned that the Worlds Adrift alpha registration was live ahead of the first alpha event.  Well, that event came and went and now Bossa Studios is already ramping up towards the next Worlds Adrift alpha test.  If you haven’t yet signed up, you can still do so! As I mentioned […]

Black Desert Closed Beta Registration

It was only about a month and a half ago that we told you about the Black Desert alpha test, and as of today the Black Desert closed beta registration is live and waiting for you to sign up.  In the event you get invited to participate in the closed beta test you won’t have […]

Albion Online Early Access

You might have noticed a lack of “early access” posts as of late, and there is a couple of reasons for that.  First, as I have mentioned elsewhere recently, I have become increasingly busy lately in my non-gaming life, and something around here had to give (there is only me and Nick working on the […]

Rise of Agon Alpha Registration

I never really got into the original Darkfall Online, although I did try it out briefly due to peer pressure from some gaming friends.  As such I don’t really know all of the history of the rise and fall of that game and the subsequent launch of the Darkfall Unholy Wars.  None of that matters […]

World’s Adrift Alpha Registration

At some point in the the very recent past I signed up for the World’s Adrift newsletter which also sounded like it doubled for some kind of testing registration.  Since that time things have become a bit more clear.  The newsletter sign up is indeed the first point of entry for the World’s Adrift alpha […]

Das Tal Alpha Key Giveaway

[Update: all gone, not surprisingly.  I will see if we can get some more and keep you posted]. As we told you about recently, there is a Das Tal 9-day alpha event that is firing up on October 31.  This will be the biggest alpha test yet for Das Tal, the new PvP-centric sandbox MMORPG […]

Black Desert Alpha

I haven’t really been following the development of Black Desert at all for reason that I can’t really explain.  Nonetheless, I figured I should let all of you know that the North American and EU Black Desert alpha test is incoming and slated to start on October 26. It looks like you will be able […]

Das Tal 9-Day Alpha Event

I have this before and I will say it yet again…Das Tal is easily the most reported game on this site just due to the sheer number of press releases and testing events that Fairytale Distillery generates.  And here we go again, because a Das Tal 9-day alpha event was announced recently! This 9-day alpha […]