Starfall Tactics Open Alpha Event

There is one more Starfall Tactics open alpha event before the game moves into beta testing, so give this real-time space fleet tactics game a whirl on February 21! Well it appears that the good folks over at Snowforged Entertainment really want Starfall Tactics to remain as one of the most reported games on Death […]

Total War: Arena Open Beta Event

There is a Total War: Arena open beta event running right now until December 4, so jump in and test out this 10v10 Total War RTS PvP game! Apologies, but I didn’t get a chance to post this over the weekend due to me being swamped with work. Since I have a small breather today, […]

Starfall Tactics Open Alpha Event

Snowforged Entertainment is firing up a Starfall Tactics open alpha event on October 26, and you can register now to participate! It seems like it has been awhile since we have talked about the Starfall Tactics alpha. Happily, there is good reason to do so once again because there is a Starfall Tactics open alpha […]

Dawn of War 3 Multiplayer Open Beta

Relic will be running the Dawn of War 3 multiplayer open beta soon, so sign up to test out the latest iteration of this tactical RTS gaming franchise! Well, it was just over a month ago when we mentioned the Dawn of War 3 beta registration. Looking back now it isn’t clear to me if […]

Dawn of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Registration

Relic is looking for some testers for the upcoming Dawn of War 3 multiplayer beta, so sign up for a chance to participate! Well, here is some exciting testing related news courtesy of our friends over at PCGamesN. Apparently Relic is quietly prepping for the Dawn of War 3 multiplayer beta and are looking for […]

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta

The Halo Wars 2 multiplayer beta will be firing up on January 20 for Windows 10 users, so get ready to test out this new Halo-based RTS! Our good friends over at PCGamesN posted earlier today regarding an upcoming testing opportunity. Apparently the Halo Wars 2 multiplayer beta will be firing up on January 20 […]

Guardians of Atlas Open Alpha

The Guardians of Atlas open alpha fired up a few days ago, and you can freely try and test out this new MOBA/RTS hybrid from Artillery! I actually noticed this piece of news Friday evening via PCGamesN, but my wife had me running ragged all weekend with no time to post (yeah, I am whipped). […]

Abatron Open Alpha

W3 Studios is running an Abatron open alpha ahead of its Kickstarter, so sign up in order to help test out this new sci-fi RTS and T/FPS hybrid game! I am am slowly managing to clear the backlog of news posts and emails after my chaotic house mouse. Huzzah! Next up is the Abatron open […]

Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Key Giveaway

Check out our Starfall Tactics pre-alpha key giveaway and grab a key for the upcoming pre-alpha test! Yesterday we told you about the second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event that fires up this coming Thursday. Today we are telling you that we have a bunch of pre-alpha keys available for that very test! All you need […]

Abatron Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Abatron alpha for a chance to test out this new RTS and FPS hybrid game from W3 Studios! So late in 2015 I stumbled across Abatron, a new sci-fir RTS/FPS hybrid game being developed by W3 Studios. At that time there wasn’t a huge amount to report on and W3 asked […]

Savage Resurrection Early Access

The classic RTS/FPS gameplay returns with the new Savage Resurrection early access! As you may have noticed, Death by Beta hasn’t been posting much on early access titles lately, mostly because it is just so difficult to keep up with all of them. Now that Phillip has joined the team we’re planning to report more […]

Battleplans Beta Registration

Gah!  I completely forgot to post about this a couple of weeks ago when Patrick from En Masse Entertainment emailed me about it.  The Battleplans beta is going to be up and running soon, and the Battleplans beta registration is already up and running. To save time, here is the information about Battleplans that is […]

Atlas Test Registration

One of the guys here at DBB, Doug (AKA Zhenya) is a huge RTS fan.  Huge as in a competitive Star Craft II player.  In fact, I met him through RTS gaming back when he and I were deeply involved in the ill-fated End of Nations development.  Anyway, Doug just sent me a Skype message […]

The Death List for August 2015

My, how the time flies.  It is mid September already so let’s return to last month and recap all of the game testing news in the Death List for August 2015.  One thing that really stood out last month is just how many Kickstarters were launched and then subsequently cancelled.  I didn’t bother listing them […]

Warshift Early Access

I am not sure what is up with Steam lately, but it seems recently that early access titles are often launched without Steam listing them on its early access page.  Oh well.  Thankfully Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday noticed the release of the Warshift early access which appears to have gone live last Friday.  Hopefully Steam […]

Submerge Kickstarter

I think I may have said this in the past but I am not exactly great at RTS games, at least not the ones that requires massive amount of multitasking and high APM ratings.  Nonetheless I rather like them in general, which is perhaps why the Submerge Kickstarter caught my attention this morning.  If you […]