Iron Tides Demo and Kickstarter

Try out the Iron Tides demo and consider supporting the Kickstarter of this viking-based rogue-lite strategy game from Crash Wave Games! This week Death by Beta received a couple of emails about the Iron Tides Kickstarter that is in its final week (four days left as I write this). More importantly, it seems that there […]

Space Tyrant Open Alpha

Check out the Space Tyrant open alpha from Blue Wizard Digital, and help test out this new and lighthearted turn-based 4X rogue-lite strategy game! It is crazy how many emails Death by Beta received over the past couple of weeks telling us about ongoing testing opportunities. Well, here is another one. The Space Tyrant open […]

Lazarus Beta Registration

Sign up for the Lazarus beta and help test out this incoming sci-fi MMO rogue-like that resets every week! Last night I noticed a post over on Rock Paper Shotgun about the new Lazarus rogue-like MMO that is in currently development. Reading over that post revealed some important information: the Lazarus beta starts on August […]

Defenders of Naxia Demo and Kickstarter

Check out the pre-alpha Defenders of Naxia demo that is currently available as part of the game’s Kickstarter campaign! We don’t really cover crowdfunding campaigns much these days, although I do continue to peruse Kickstarter on occasion to look for campaigns that also include a game demo to try out. Case in point is the […]

Eternal Arenas Kickstarter

So it looks like the makers of FORCED are back with a new game, and thanks to our good friend Kusaha for emailing us about this.  This time BetaDwarf have decided to take the crowdfunding route with the FORCED: Eternal Arenas Kickstarter. From what I am gathering from the Eternal Arenas information, it does indeed […]

The Death List for August 2015

My, how the time flies.  It is mid September already so let’s return to last month and recap all of the game testing news in the Death List for August 2015.  One thing that really stood out last month is just how many Kickstarters were launched and then subsequently cancelled.  I didn’t bother listing them […]

Duskers Early Access

It would appear that a number of new early access titles hit Steam this morning, and one in particular stands out to me as being rather unique.  That would be the Duskers early access alpha, and as I read more about it and watch more gameplay videos, I have to say that I myself am […]


A few weeks ago we told you about the XO Kickstarter that is currently underway and that has already successfully reached its goal.  As you can imagine, Jumpdrive Studios has been super busy working to raise the funds and promote the game, but Corey Warning from Jumprive was still able to find some time to […]

Everspace Kickstarter

I really appreciate it when game developers know exactly what they want to produce in a game, and mince no words in telling you about what a game is and is not trying to be.  I get that feeling when I read over the Everspace Kickstarter, and if you are intro “arcady” space sims with […]

XO Kickstarter

We here at DBB have been waiting for the launch of the XO Kickstarter for a little while now.  That is because one of the good folks over at Jumpdrive Studios, Corey Warning, has been in touch with DBB several times in the past few months to keep us apprised of XO’s development.  Well, today […]

Early Access Round-up, April 21

It feels like it has been awhile since DBB talked about any early access testing, so let’s do a quick recap of some early access tests that went live recently.  An early access round-up, if you will. First up we have Hover: Revolt of Gamers.  We covered Hover back when it was running its Kickstarter […]

Early Access Roundup: Monstrum, Victor Vran, and Eden Star

First off, I apologize for the lack of posts on Friday.  Generally I am the posting guy around here with the other few guys dealing with social media and hands-on write ups.  So, when I get sick like I did last week, it can slow down posting-wise.  To make up for that, let’s try a […]

Psycho Starship Rampage Alpha Demo

Well, we aren’t going to do another Darkest Dungeon post today, but at least we can talk about another rogue-like game, Psycho Starship Rampage, and you should all be interested in knowing that the Psycho Starship Rampage alpha demo is available to try out! I actually saw mention of this a couple of days ago […]

Darkest Dungeon Hands-on

I lost a Grave Robber earlier today because she had a pity party and refused all healing. Yes you read that correctly. I had a party member that was so despondent that they refused the very healing that would have saved their life. They kept saying “woe is me” right up until the moment a […]

Distant Star Early Access

I saw mention of Distant Star: Revenant Fleet this morning over on PC Gamer, and after heading over to the game’s website I discovered that the alpha test is available via the Distant Star early access option.  Thus, I figured it would be a good addition here on DBB. Distant Star from Blazing Griffin is an […]

Retro-Pixel Castles Early Access

Not all that long ago we told you about the Retro-Pixel Castles Kickstarter and demo.  Well, the Kickstarter successfully wrapped up a couple of days ago, and the Retro-Pixel Castles early access launched on Steam pretty much at the same time.  Things are clicking for RPC! Retro-Pixel Castles by Raymond Doerr is essentially a village […]