The Crew 2 Beta Registration

Ubisoft is running the registration for the Crew 2 beta, so sign up for a chance to test out this sequel to their mutliplayer racing game! From what I can tell, I completely missed the announcement of The Crew 2 from Ubisoft earlier this summer. Admittedly that is probably due to my internal spam filter […]

Project Taurus Open Alpha Registration

Digital Graveyard is going to be running a Project Taurus open alpha soon. You can register up now for this online indie racing game! Let’s get indie for a moment! Yesterday, Edward Stephinson from Digital Graveyard to let us know that they are going to run an open alpha for their incoming Project Taurus. In […]

Heavy Metal Machines Open Beta

Check out the Heavy Metal Machines open beta on Steam and try out this multiplayer destruction racing game with MOBA elements! Here is a piece of news that I noticed this morning via The Heavy Metal Machines open beta fired up this week via Steam and is waiting for you to jump in! Heavy […]

Grip Early Access Alpha Hands-on

[Note from Cyber: this Grip hands-on was submitted by one of our readers, Ike F., and so a big thanks to him for taking the to write this up and provide some gameplay footage!] As a racing fan it feels like racing games have been left in the dust. There is a lack of fresh […]

Wincars Racer Open Beta

It has been a couple of months since we mentioned Wincars Racer.  Last time we were giving away some keys to the closed beta test.  This time we are happy to announce that the Wincars Racer open beta is now up and running! As I have mentioned several times in the past when writing about […]

Wincars Racer Beta Keys

Well, we told you a couple of days ago that this was happening, and here go.  The good folks over at DragonJam Studios were kind enough to send Death by Beta a huge number of keys to the Wincars Racer beta test that starts up today!  All you have to do is head below and […]

Wincars Racer Beta

Back in March we told you about the beta registration for Wincars Racer, the new cartoony arcade-esque multiplayer racing game from DragonJam Studios.  Well, it has been a long time coming but the Wincars Racer beta is about to begin!   The beta test will launch in a couple of days on Wednesday, November 18.  […]

Wild Run Beta Registration

Ubisoft is on the verge of releasing a new expansion for The Crew called Wild Run, slated to go live in November.  Before that happens, however, there is going to be a Wild Run beta test running from October 15 to the 19.  If you would like a chance at trying out this racing game […]

Bears Can’t Drift!? Early Access

I am trying to imagine the conversation between two game developers that lead to the creation of the Bears Can’t Drift!? early access that hit Steam a few days ago: Dev 1: “You know, I think bears could drive cars but I really doubt that they could do power drifting.” Dev 2: “Of course they […]

Crossout Beta Registration

A number of different gaming news sites this morning reporting on the new in-development vehicular MMO that was announed by Gaijin Entertainment (of War Thunder Fame) called Crossout.  Even more interesting to us here at DBB and very likely to you as well is the accompanying news that the closed beta will launch later this […]

DiRT Rally Early Access

I think I have said this before at some point, but I am pretty terrible at driving games and so I generally steer clear (did you see what I did there?).  However, that isn’t to say that I don’t think they aren’t fun, or more accurately don’t think that they don’t look fun.  Such is […]

Early Access Round-up, April 21

It feels like it has been awhile since DBB talked about any early access testing, so let’s do a quick recap of some early access tests that went live recently.  An early access round-up, if you will. First up we have Hover: Revolt of Gamers.  We covered Hover back when it was running its Kickstarter […]

Formula Wincars Beta Registration

[Update: Formula Wincars recently changed its names and is now known as Wincars Racer.] I have never been one for racing games (mostly because I suck at them), but I have on occasion enjoyed some fun console multiplayer racing with some friends.  You know what I am talking about.  Those lazy Saturday evenings where everyone […]

SNOW Closed Beta Registration

By sheer luck this morning I happened to notice a tweet about the SNOW closed beta registration that is now open for business ahead of the beta launch in March.  Lucky indeed considering how fast the tweets fly by, but now that we know about it here at DBB you shall know about it too! […]

Win a copy of Quantum Rush Champions!

Update: we have chosen the winners and sent them emails.  Check your inboxes!  Thanks to everyone that participated.  Look for more giveaway contests soon! The wonderful devs over at Game Art Studio were kind enough to send us a couple of Steam keys for Quantum Rush Champions, which is currently undergoing its early access testing.  […]

Quantum Rush Champions Early Access

Over the past year we have on several occasions mentioned Quantum Rush Online, a futuristic online PvP racing game from Game Art Studio in Germany.  As a result DBB has been on their mailing list for quite some time, and that is great because it gave us advanced notice that the new Quantum Rush Champions […]