K’NOSSOS Demo and Kickstarter

Check out the K’NOSSOS demo from Svarun Entertainment and consider supporting the Kickstarter for this surreal looking sci-fi point’n’click adventure game! Today is going to be a bit of a Kickstarter demo sort of week. This is because I have received some emails this past weekend regarding several different Kickstarter projects that feature demos, which […]

Cleo’s Lost Idols Giveaway

Check out our Cleo’s Lost Idols giveaway and enter for a chance to win a Steam  key that grants access to the beta and the game after launch! [Update: the winners have been randomly selected and the keys are being emailed out today! Check your inboxes and spam folders to see if you won a […]

Cleo’s Lost Idols Open Beta

Check out the Cleo’s Lost Idols open beta and help test out this new sandbox construction and puzzle game from Chilled Mouse! Just a few minutes ago Death by Beta received an email from Chilled Mouse regarding their latest game in development: Cleo’s Lost Idols. More importantly for all of you reading this, the Cleo’s […]

NITE Team 4 Alpha Demo

Try the NITE Team 4 alpha demo from the makers of The Black Watchmen! Here is some interesting news that I noticed last night on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and that I figured many of you might like to take a look at. The good folks over at Alice & Smith are working on a new […]

Tricone Lab Kickstarter

We have been talking about Tricone Lab quite a bit recently, what with our recent Tricone Lab hands-on and beta key giveaway and all.  Well, there is more Tricone Lab related news for you to digest because the Tricone Lab Kickstarter is now underway and looking for your support. Since you can go back and […]

Tricone Lab Beta Key Giveaway

Update: And they are gone! Stay tuned in case we get another batch of keys. Ok, here we go! We gave you plenty of warning that this was coming down the pipe, and now the time has arrived to give away some Steam beta keys for Tricone Lab!  Act fact and enter your email address […]

Roll Playing Game Alpha Demo and Mini Hands-on

Last week, Kai Hillenbrand from Feline Fueled Games emailed us here at DBB to let us know about the Roll Playing Game alpha demo that is available for everyone to try ahead of the game’s release later on this year! I gave the Roll Playing Game alpha demo a shot over the weekend, and if […]

Tricone Lab Beta Key Giveaway Incoming!

Following our recent string of beta key giveaways, we received feedback from some of our reader lamenting the fact that we didn’t give more of of “heads up” warning about the giveaways and they missed out.  Well, never let it be said that we here at DBB don’t listen to our audience!  And so, here […]

Tank Tactics Demo and Indiegogo Campaign

Just over a week ago, Johannes van Staveren from Aero Games emailed DBB to let us know about their latest game, Tank Tactics, and asked if we could check it out and report on it.  You know how that goes…ask and ye shall receive.  Currently, Aero Games is running the Tank Tactics Indiegogo campaign to […]

Tricone Lab Alpha Hands-on

None of you would have any reason to know this, but I actually am trained as a biochemist with quite a bit of experience in microbial genetics and cell biology. Fascinating, I know, but I wanted to tell you that in order to explain why I think that Tricone Lab (currently under development) is so […]

Fabric Open Pre-alpha

Yesterday we got an email from Torreng Labs, an indie developer that is currently making Fabric, a first person puzzle game that employs a rather interesting mechanic.  Better yet, the Fabric open pre-alpha version of the game is available for everyone to download and try out.  Torreng Labs is hopeful that some of you will […]

Retrograde Demo

When I watched the Retrograde gameplay trailer this morning, I swear that the first thing that popped into my mind was Darth Vader saying “the Portal is strong with this one.”  I am 99.993% percent sure that everyone that watches or tries the Retrograde demo that is currently available will automatically make the same comparison […]

One to watch: Absention

We are going to do something a bit different and tell you about a concept game that doesn’t involve any testing yet, but that I for one certainly hope does in the future.  Absention is a first person puzzle horror game that looks both fantastic and terrifying. Absention really piqued my interest the other day when […]

Besiege Early Access Alpha

Were you one of those kids who would build up LEGO cities just so you could demolish them with some equally creative self-designed war machine?  If so, you should really check out the Besiege early access alpha that is currently available  because I think it will scratch that same itch [update, Jan 29: the Besiege […]

Crossing Souls Kickstarter

Yesterday DBB received an email from Juan Vazquez from Fourattic to tell us about their new game, Crossing Souls.  Moreover, he wanted to let all of you know that the Crossing Souls Kickstarter is currently underway, and if you are a fan of those venerable orthogonal 2D adventure and RPG games from the 1980s then […]

The Talos Principle Public Test

Ever want to play a philosophical puzzle game?  The good folks over at Croteam (of Serious Sam fame) are hoping that you do, and that you are willing to play it in the form of The Talos Principle.  But fear not!  If you aren’t sure about whether or not such a puzzle game would be […]