Battlerite Giveaway: Free Ashka Champion!

We have a bunch of keys to hand out for a free Battlerite champion on Steam, so grab a key from our new Battlerite giveaway while they last! Sometimes helping someone out reaps a lot of rewards later on. Case in point: we helped Stunlock Studios promote the Battlerite beta a few times back in […]

Battlerite Lite Beta Key Giveaway

We have a bunch of Battlerite Lite beta keys to give away, so grab one quickly to gain access to the Battlerite early access beta on Steam! [Update, Sept 5: we have just added another big block of keys! Have at it!] Almost exactly a year ago, we gave away some keys for the Battlerite […]

Master X Master Closed Beta Registration

The Master X Master closed beta registration is now live for the beta starting on April 6, so sign up for a chance to test out this new MOBA from NCSoft! Here is some interesting news that I noticed via Rock Paper Shotgun this morning. Apparently NCSoft is diving into the MOBA genre with Master […]

Games of Glory Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We have some Games of Glory closed beta keys for both Steam and the PS4 to give away, so grab one while they last! The closed beta starts on March 10! Well, it was only yesterday that I told you about the Games of Glory closed beta event that starts tomorrow, March 10. Today I […]

Games of Glory Closed Beta Weekend

There will be a Games of Glory closed beta weekend starting on March 10, so grab a key in order to test out this top down PvP arena shooter! Well glory be (yes, genius, pun intended)! Games of Glory is finally heading into beta, and to start things off there will be a Games of […]

Heavy Metal Machines Open Beta

Check out the Heavy Metal Machines open beta on Steam and try out this multiplayer destruction racing game with MOBA elements! Here is a piece of news that I noticed this morning via The Heavy Metal Machines open beta fired up this week via Steam and is waiting for you to jump in! Heavy […]

Gigantic Open Beta

The Gigantic open beta fires up today, so now is your chance to try out this new cartoonish third-person MOBA shooter from Motiga! This is a piece of news that I heard about a week ago, but I figured I would wait until the day in question to mention it lest it get buried in […]

Gigantic Closed Beta Weekend

There is a third Gigantic closed beta weekend event starting up on November 17, so sign up for a chance to test out this third person shooter from Motiga. It would appear that Motiga and Perfect World are gearing up for another Gigantic closed beta weekend event. The weekend event in question is this coming […]

Guardians of Atlas Open Alpha

The Guardians of Atlas open alpha fired up a few days ago, and you can freely try and test out this new MOBA/RTS hybrid from Artillery! I actually noticed this piece of news Friday evening via PCGamesN, but my wife had me running ragged all weekend with no time to post (yeah, I am whipped). […]

One Tower Closed Beta

The One Tower closed beta is underway, and SkyReacher Entertainment is looking for additional people to help test out this minion-focused 1v1 MOBA! Well, I have to admit that at this point I didn’t think it was possible to see something new in the MOBA genre. However, Jacob over at SkyReacher Entertainment emailed me over […]

Paragon Open Beta

The Paragon open beta is now in full swing, so this is a great time to check out and help test this new third person MOBA from Epic Games! Well, my wife and I are still in the process of moving houses, and that has played havoc with my ability to play games, write articles, […]

Paragon Open Beta Weekend

Another Paragon open beta weekend is incoming, starting June 16! At this point I have given up trying to keep track of all of the Paragon beta weekends that have come and gone. And we get to add another one to the pile! Yes, Epic Games is running another Paragon open beta weekend, starting on […]

Battlerite Update

We have some updated news about Battlerite, and you should sign up for the incoming beta test! Not that long ago, back in March, I excitedly told you about Battlerite and that you could already start signing up for the Battlerite closed beta that is bearing down upon us. This post is both a reminder […]

And Another Paragon Beta Weekend

Another Paragon beta weekend is heading our way and it will be open to all! I am actually starting to lose track of how many Paragon beta events have come and gone lately. Is it two? Three? Whatever, all you need to know is that there is yet another Paragon beta weekend inbound and will […]

Paragon Beta Weekends

So here is some news that was announced last week and is worth reading over if you have been interested in checking out Paragon, the incoming third person MOBA from Epic Game.  Actually, this is an update to the last post I made regarding Paragon and its beta testing. Epic is going to start running […]

Supernova Open Beta

Well, I apologize for being late on this piece of news, and thanks goes out to Kris N. for slapping me upside the head via email regarding the Supernova open beta that went live just over a week ago.  Anyway, consider yourselves thus informed! I have talked about Supernova quite a few times in the […]