Caromble Early Access Hands-on

Check out our Caromble early access hands-on, and see what we think about this new break breaking game from Crimson Owl Studios! A while back, JT called me and asked if I would test and review a Ricochet-esque game called Caromble being developed by the good folks at Crimson Owl Studios. Ricochet, being one of […]

Rising Thunder Open Alpha

Just a few weeks ago we told you about the Rising Thunder technical alpha, which itself launched just a couple of weeks ago.  And now today, Radiant Entertainment have announced via their Twitter account that the test has now progressed into the Rising Thunder open alpha stage! As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Rising […]


A few weeks ago we told you about the XO Kickstarter that is currently underway and that has already successfully reached its goal.  As you can imagine, Jumpdrive Studios has been super busy working to raise the funds and promote the game, but Corey Warning from Jumprive was still able to find some time to […]

Everspace Kickstarter

I really appreciate it when game developers know exactly what they want to produce in a game, and mince no words in telling you about what a game is and is not trying to be.  I get that feeling when I read over the Everspace Kickstarter, and if you are intro “arcady” space sims with […]

Empyrion Early Access

I woke up this morning with a strange twitch, a gnawing at the back of mind that something was missing.  Then a few minutes ago I realized what it was…we hadn’t reported on any survival games this week.  They show up so fast and furious that it is now unusual if we don’t report on […]

Mooncrest Kickstarter

Ok, hands up for all of you out there that liked the original Neverwinter Nights!  Yes, thank you I see all of those hands.  Me too, and I know Zhenya here at DBB was also a huge fan of that game.  Neverwinter Nights was just all around fantastic, and made even better by the extensive […]

Systole Prototype Demo and Mini Hands-on

[Update: the Systole Kickstarter is now live!] So late last week, Jorge Veloso from Collective Consciousness emailed us here at DBB asking us to try out the prototype demo for their new side scrolling platformer, Systole.  As it turns out, the demo is freely available via the Systole Greenlight page on Steam, so all of […]

Paladins Beta Registration

I have a soft spot in my heart for Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of Global Agenda, Tribes Ascend, and Smite.  I played Global Agenda a lot in the early days of its beta and for a long time after launch.  Despite its short comings, it was a fun game and I met a lot of […]

GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend

Well, if you are still very much enjoying the Guild Wars 2 experience then you probably have long since started getting excited about the Heart of Thorns expansion that is now imminent.  Or, if like me you burned out on Guild Wars 2 at some point but have been looking for a reason to return […]

Dead Realm Early Access

I believe it was Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw of Zero Punctuation fame that said that one “can’t have any kind of tense survival horror and co-op” but I have a feeling that the new Dead Realm early access now available on Steam may beg to differ.  If you like horror games, survival games, multiplayer games, or […]

Bears Can’t Drift!? Early Access

I am trying to imagine the conversation between two game developers that lead to the creation of the Bears Can’t Drift!? early access that hit Steam a few days ago: Dev 1: “You know, I think bears could drive cars but I really doubt that they could do power drifting.” Dev 2: “Of course they […]

Supernova Closed Beta

This is simply a quick reminder rather than a full post since we actually told you about the Supernova closed beta last week.  Nonetheless, we wanted to remind you about the launch of the Supernova closed beta and about signing up to help test out this new sci-fi MOBA with additional RTS elements (check out […]

Barrage Alpha Registration

Back in March we told you about the Barrage Greenlight on Steam, which actually ended up being a success.  Then this morning Tectonic Studios emailed us again to let us know that the Barrage alpha registration is now live and they are inviting everyone to sign up! As we told you last time, Barrage is […]

Fabric Open Pre-alpha

Yesterday we got an email from Torreng Labs, an indie developer that is currently making Fabric, a first person puzzle game that employs a rather interesting mechanic.  Better yet, the Fabric open pre-alpha version of the game is available for everyone to download and try out.  Torreng Labs is hopeful that some of you will […]

Better Late Than Dead Early Access

I think we have commented on quite a number of occasions that survival games are all the rage these days, and to help drive that point home yet another survival game has hit the Steam early access scene.  This time it is the Better Late Than Dead early access that is fresh on the scene.  […]

A Message from Us to You

I wanted to take a bit of time to send a message to you, our loyal DBB users, to say thank you for supporting us over the past couple of years.  Death by Beta is a project that was born out of a love for gaming and game testing by a small group of online […]