Albion Online Early Access

You might have noticed a lack of “early access” posts as of late, and there is a couple of reasons for that.  First, as I have mentioned elsewhere recently, I have become increasingly busy lately in my non-gaming life, and something around here had to give (there is only me and Nick working on the […]

The Death List for September and October 2015

It would appear that we missed posting a Death List for September, and so to make up for it here is the double list for September and October!  Check out the full Death List below for a summary of all of the interesting PC gaming test news from the past two months.   Articles: Tricone […]

Another Skara Early Access Giveaway

[Update: the winners have been selected and contacted via email, so check your inboxes and spam folders!  Congrats to those that won!] Exactly two months ago today we ran a Skara: The Blade Remains contest in which we gave away ten copies of the Skara early access on Steam.  Well, good news for those that […]

Wild Terra Alpha Hands-on

Hi everyone, Psychophobic here.  I am taking a break from manning the DBB social feeds in order to tell you a little bit about Wild Terra, the new sandbox MMORPG that is being developed by Juvty Worlds.  One of the reps from Juvty contacted DBB a few weeks ago and offered us access to the […]

PULSAR Early Access

I am quite confident that every single one of my fellow geeks has at least once in their life day dreamed about being a captain or crew member (likely the latter) on a space ship of some kind.  Don’t lie, I know you have.  The good folks over at Leafy Games also are betting that […]

The Death List for August 2015

My, how the time flies.  It is mid September already so let’s return to last month and recap all of the game testing news in the Death List for August 2015.  One thing that really stood out last month is just how many Kickstarters were launched and then subsequently cancelled.  I didn’t bother listing them […]

Devilian Alpha Early Access

Back at the end of June we told you about the alpha and beta registration for Devilian, a South Asian MMORPG that is being transplanted to the North American and EU markets by Trion.  Well, as it turns out the Devilian alpha officially launched yesterday.  If you didn’t get access but want to, you may […]

Reminder: Skara Giveaway Contest Ends Tomorrow

This is simply a reminder that our Skara giveaway contest ends tomorrow at 5pm Pacific, so if you haven’t yet entered to win one of ten copies of the the Skara early access on Steam, then make you take a moment to enter below! As a reminder, DBB does not store any of this information […]

Skara Early Access Giveaway Contest

The good folks over at 8-Bit Studio have been kind enough to give us some Steam copies of the Skara early access to give away to all of you.  Since we only have a small number of these we will hold a raffle and pick some winners in the Skara early access giveaway contest below! […]

A.I. Invasion Early Access Hands-on

A few days ago the A.I. Invasion began, and what I mean by that is that the A.I. Invasion early access from GameArt Studio recently launched on Steam.  At the time I didn’t mention it because I suspected that I could gain access to the game and actually try it out before writing anything up.  […]

Duskers Early Access

It would appear that a number of new early access titles hit Steam this morning, and one in particular stands out to me as being rather unique.  That would be the Duskers early access alpha, and as I read more about it and watch more gameplay videos, I have to say that I myself am […]

Warshift Early Access

I am not sure what is up with Steam lately, but it seems recently that early access titles are often launched without Steam listing them on its early access page.  Oh well.  Thankfully Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday noticed the release of the Warshift early access which appears to have gone live last Friday.  Hopefully Steam […]

Eternal Crusade Early Access Incoming

I have been casually following Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade for some time now, and I believe that we even reported on the game late last year.  In any case, I am on the mailing list for the game and that resulted in me getting the latest State of the Crusade update a few days ago.  […]

Everspace Kickstarter

I really appreciate it when game developers know exactly what they want to produce in a game, and mince no words in telling you about what a game is and is not trying to be.  I get that feeling when I read over the Everspace Kickstarter, and if you are intro “arcady” space sims with […]

Empyrion Early Access

I woke up this morning with a strange twitch, a gnawing at the back of mind that something was missing.  Then a few minutes ago I realized what it was…we hadn’t reported on any survival games this week.  They show up so fast and furious that it is now unusual if we don’t report on […]

GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend

Well, if you are still very much enjoying the Guild Wars 2 experience then you probably have long since started getting excited about the Heart of Thorns expansion that is now imminent.  Or, if like me you burned out on Guild Wars 2 at some point but have been looking for a reason to return […]