Free Battlerite Royale Mountain Zebra Mount Keys

The Battlerite Royale early access fired up today, and we have a huge number of Steam keys available for a free Battlerite Royale Mountain Zebra Mount! Many of you may have noticed or heard about the release of the Battlerite Royale early access launch on Steam today. If not, you really should check it out. […]

Melting World Online Early Access Key Giveaway

Juvty Worlds is running the early access test for Melting World Online, and you can grab a Steam key in our Melting World Online early access key giveaway! The good folks over at Juvty Worlds have always been very generous with giving away keys to their games. This post is once again proof of that […]

Yet Another Wild Terra Online Early Access Giveaway

Juvty Worlds and Death by Beta have once again teamed up to give away some Wild Terra Online early access keys! I have to hand it to Juvty Worlds. They love to hand out Wild Terra Online early access keys to giveaway. I for one really appreciate them for that! Last time we ran this […]

Battlerite Lite Beta Key Giveaway

We have a bunch of Battlerite Lite beta keys to give away, so grab one quickly to gain access to the Battlerite early access beta on Steam! [Update, Sept 5: we have just added another big block of keys! Have at it!] Almost exactly a year ago, we gave away some keys for the Battlerite […]

Another Wild Terra Online Early Access Giveaway

Juvty Worlds and Death by Beta have teamed up again to give away some Wild Terra Online early access keys! Once again the wonderful folks over at Juvty Worlds are in a giving sort of mood. That means we have another wack of Wild Terra early access keys to give away to some lucky winners! […]

Worlds Adrift Closed Beta

Bossa Studios is firing up the Worlds Adrift closed beta on May 24, and if you want access you will have to purchase access. I am coming off a four-day holiday weekend during which I was mostly offline. However, last night I did a cursory scan for interesting testing news and I noticed that a […]

Wild Terra Online Early Access Giveaway

Juvty Worlds and Death by Beta have teamed up to give away some Wild Terra Online early access keys for the full game on Steam! Well, I am back from almost a week on the road, and I think we should fire things back up with a giveaway! Luckily, the good folks over at Juvty […]

Revelation Online Open Beta Incoming is launching the Revelation Online open beta on March 6, and you can grab a Founder’s Pack to reserve your name and play early! It feels like it has been some time since we talked about Revelation Online. Nonetheless, there is good reason to mention it again since details about the incoming Revelation Online […]

Caromble Early Access Hands-on

Check out our Caromble early access hands-on, and see what we think about this new break breaking game from Crimson Owl Studios! A while back, JT called me and asked if I would test and review a Ricochet-esque game called Caromble being developed by the good folks at Crimson Owl Studios. Ricochet, being one of […]

The Exiled Open Early Access Event Incoming

The Exiled early access is approaching, and Fairytale Distillery will be running an Exiled open early access testing event on February 23! I have to say that this news instills a touch of sadness within me. As many of you know, The Exiled (formerly Das Tal) has become one of our mainstays for news reporting. […]

Riders of Icarus Open Beta Incoming

The Riders of Icarus open beta starts on July 6, with a head start for Founder’s Packs on June 29! This bit of news is a bit old now, but I figured I would wait until the start of the Riders of Icarus open beta to talk about it. It doesn’t actually start until July […]

Savage Resurrection Early Access

The classic RTS/FPS gameplay returns with the new Savage Resurrection early access! As you may have noticed, Death by Beta hasn’t been posting much on early access titles lately, mostly because it is just so difficult to keep up with all of them. Now that Phillip has joined the team we’re planning to report more […]

Fantasy Tales Online Early Access (Free to Play)

So a couple of weeks ago, Gabriel Perez from Cold Tea Studio emailed DBB to give us the heads up about the Fantasy Tales early access that was in the works. Well, I am happy to announce that the Fantasy Tales early access did launch late last week and is completely free to play. Fantasy […]

Paragon Early Access and Beta Weekends

Thanks to the current workload from my new job I haven’t really had much time for gaming, including beta testing.  I actually received an invite to test out the Paragon beta, for example, but had to skip it unfortunately.  That also means that I haven’t really kept as up to date as I would like […]

Grip Early Access Alpha Hands-on

[Note from Cyber: this Grip hands-on was submitted by one of our readers, Ike F., and so a big thanks to him for taking the to write this up and provide some gameplay footage!] As a racing fan it feels like racing games have been left in the dust. There is a lack of fresh […]

Defect Early Access Hands-on

Back in the middle of the summer I mentioned the Defect Kickstarter from Thee Phase Interactive that, as it turned out following my original post, successfully raised its funding goal.  Since that time, the Defect: Ship Destruction Kit early access launched on Steam as is available for everyone to purchase and jump into.  And then, […]