Virtual Earth Online Open Beta

The Virtual Earth Online open beta is underway, and you can download the client now in order to your own block of online real estate and test the game! Update, April 6: VEO Games wanted us to let everyone know that they are currently running a “Build Off Competition” within the Virtual Earth Online open […]

Cleo’s Lost Idols Giveaway

Check out our Cleo’s Lost Idols giveaway and enter for a chance to win a Steam  key that grants access to the beta and the game after launch! [Update: the winners have been randomly selected and the keys are being emailed out today! Check your inboxes and spam folders to see if you won a […]

Cleo’s Lost Idols Open Beta

Check out the Cleo’s Lost Idols open beta and help test out this new sandbox construction and puzzle game from Chilled Mouse! Just a few minutes ago Death by Beta received an email from Chilled Mouse regarding their latest game in development: Cleo’s Lost Idols. More importantly for all of you reading this, the Cleo’s […]

The Sandbox Evolution Beta Registration

Pixowl needs some testers for the upcoming Sandbox Evolution beta, so sign up for a chance to test out the PC version of this pixel art world builder game! A brand new week, and yet another opportunity to clear the backlog of emails and news bulletins. We are almost there! This next news item is […]

Defect Early Access Hands-on

Back in the middle of the summer I mentioned the Defect Kickstarter from Thee Phase Interactive that, as it turned out following my original post, successfully raised its funding goal.  Since that time, the Defect: Ship Destruction Kit early access launched on Steam as is available for everyone to purchase and jump into.  And then, […]

Empyrion Early Access

I woke up this morning with a strange twitch, a gnawing at the back of mind that something was missing.  Then a few minutes ago I realized what it was…we hadn’t reported on any survival games this week.  They show up so fast and furious that it is now unusual if we don’t report on […]

Barrage Alpha Registration

Back in March we told you about the Barrage Greenlight on Steam, which actually ended up being a success.  Then this morning Tectonic Studios emailed us again to let us know that the Barrage alpha registration is now live and they are inviting everyone to sign up! As we told you last time, Barrage is […]

Crossout Beta Registration

A number of different gaming news sites this morning reporting on the new in-development vehicular MMO that was announed by Gaijin Entertainment (of War Thunder Fame) called Crossout.  Even more interesting to us here at DBB and very likely to you as well is the accompanying news that the closed beta will launch later this […]

Defect Kickstarter and Demo

OK, you know all of those games that allow you to design, build, and fly your own spaceship?  You like them, yes?  Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally build that perfect ship that can’t be beaten?  Of course it is.  BUT, what if you yourself were forced to face your own perfect design […]

Scraps Early Access

As a kid (or possibly even as adult, we won’t judge) did you ever build a bunch of weaponized vehicles out of Lego and then wage some imaginary battle between them?  If so, the Scraps early access wants to talk to you! Scraps from Moment Studio (which appears to currently be a one man show) […]

Fornite Alpha Test 3

It appears that the Fortnite alpha is still trucking along nicely because Epic Games just announced that they will be holding a third Fortnite alpha test starting next week on June 30.  Hopefully all of you signed up for the Fortnite alpha test previously because new invites will be going out ahead of this event! […]

Interstellar Rift Early Access

I have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for spaceship games, including those in which you get to design, build, and operate your very own ship.  There is just something really great about coming up with a really nice design and then seeing it in action.  If you are like me […]

Football Tactics Early Access and Demo

One of our readers, Ozmono, sent DBB an email a few days ago to let us know about the Football Tactics early access that went live on Steam early last week.  As Ozmono stated to us, the game has flown a bit under the radar, which is certainly true in our case because we didn’t […]

Big Pharma Early Access Open Beta Something-or-Other

If the title of this post confuses you, rest assured that we are all confused, including the devs over at Twice Circled.  I got an email from their mailing list this morning declaring that the Big Pharma open beta was live.  But, upon closer inspection of their blog post, it sounds like it is more […]

Izle Kickstarter and Demo

It seems to be a Kickstarter and demo week here at DBB, so we might as well run with it seeing how we just noticed that the Izle Kickstarter is half way through its campaign.  Moreover, there is a demo available for you to try as well. We actually told you about Izle back in November […]

Medieval Engineers Early Access Hands-on (Part I)

I remember playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 five, maybe six, years back. The ability to destroy buildings and cover was a revelation. At the time, I was convinced it was the next big feature and that I’d be romping through mostly destructible worlds within a year or two. Sad to say, it did not turn […]