Rust Stuff [External Article and Video]

Recently we told you about the Rust early access, a game which seems to be generating an increasing amount of interest, and I wanted to pass along some interesting Rust stuff.  First off, Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted an article yesterday about their impressions regarding Rust so far, and if you have been wondering about the […]

The Dissatisfaction of a Purchasable Alpha [External Article]

Xerin over at Ten Ton Hammer has posted a short opinion piece regarding the current gaming trend of buying into alpha (and beta) tests.  I rather appreciate such editorials from the gaming journalist crowd (even if I don’t always agree with their conclusions), especially when they obviously relate to what DBB is all about: game […]

Albion Online Alpha Hands-on [External Article]

For those that have been interested in Albion Online, you may want to have a look at a new article from the folks over at Massively regarding the Albion Online alpha test.  We actually reported on the start of the Albion Online alpha recently, and it is now in full swing.  From the sound of […]

Wasteland 2 Beta Impressions [External Article]

The wonderful folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have posted an early impression article regarding the Wasteland 2 beta that is currently ongoing.  If you have been interested in Wasteland 2 it is probably worth a read.  It sounds like the beta test feels more like an alpha test.  Like any game that is in […]

Wildstar Beta Hands-on [External Article]

Another great hands-on article, this from Ten Ton Hammer regarding the ongoing Wildstar beta test.  Sounds like a big thumbs-up from TTH, so if you have been following the development of Wildstar but haven’t been able to try the beta test, you should give it a read!  The Wildstar community has been awash with excitement […]

Elite: Dangerous Alpha Preview [External Article]

Yet another great article from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, this time about the Elite: Dangerous alpha test that we just reported as starting yesterday.  From the sounds of it, the game is shaping up to be great, so it is definitely worth a read.  As we mentioned yesterday, if you are still looking to get into […]

Blackguards Early Access Hands-On [External Article]

About a month ago we told you about the Blackguards early access available on Steam.  As such, we also wanted to tell you that the good folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have just posted a hands-on gameplay article about Blackguards.  I am sad to report that things were not all that rosy.  If you […]

Trove Alpha Preview [External Article]

Once again the wonderful folks at MMORPG have written up an article that may be relevant to some of you, this time regarding Trion’s Trove.  Trove is currently undergoing alpha testing and, as we told you about recently, if you like what you see you can still sign up to test the Trove alpha over […]

External Article: Wildstar Beta Progress Report

The good folks over at MMORPG were able to chat with one of the Wildstar devs about the current progress of the Wildstar Beta test.  It is worth a read if you are following Wildstar.  If you haven’t yet registered for a chance to beta test Wildstar, get over there and do it! Return to […]

TTH: The Cult of Perpetual Beta

Here is another interesting article from Ten Ton Hammer about game developers using open betas as soft game launches, and the consequences for gamers.  Check it out! Return to the DBB homepage.

TTH Article: The New Meaning of Beta

DBB isn’t an article focused site, but I thought I would post about this article over at Ten Ton Hammer called “The New Meaning of Beta”, which is relevant to what we ARE focused on.  Give it a read! Return to the DBB homepage.