Skara Hands-on

A couple of weeks ago some guys from a PR firm that are working on behalf of Skara reached out to me and asked if I would like to try the pre-alpha build of Skara and then write up something about the game.  Sounded fine to me, and so I gave it a whirl.  There […]

Defense Grid 2 Beta Hands-on

For all of you out there curious to know whether or not Defense Grid 2 is going to be a worthy successor to the original kick-ass tower defense game, I would right off say “oh ye of little faith!”  If you persisted in wondering I would at that time only have three other words for […]

Deadrock Divide Pre-Alpha Hands-on

Recently we told you about the Deadrock Divide Kickstarter that is currently underway.  Actually, I should probably qualify that “underway” by saying that it only has about three days left, so if you have been considering pledging for the game it is starting to get down to the wire. For this reason, time is of […]

VoidExpanse Player Q&A with Space Game Junkie

Our good friend Brian Rubin, the Space Game Junkie himself, has been playing a lot of VoidExpanse lately, as have we.  VoidExpanse is currently undergoing its early access alpha, and Brian he recently did a great Q&A with Atomic Torch about VoidExpanse.  After chatting a bit we thought it might be nice to do a […]

Mystery of Oak Island Q&A

Recently we reported on The Mystery of Oak Island Kickstarter and talked about this in-development point’n’click adventure game, which revolves around the actual legend of Oak Island and the treasure supposedly buried there.  Well, Thomas Dibke over at Visionaire Studio was kind enough to take out some time from his busy schedule and answers some […]

Contact Vector Q&A

Stephen Moorhouse, the man behind Contact Vector, was kind enough to take some time out of his very busy schedule and answer some questions for us via email.  Check out our Contact Vector Q&A to hear more about the exciting details of the game! Also, don’t forget to visit the Contact Vector website and the […]

Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter and Q&A

As most of you know, we cover a number of Kickstarters here on DBB, but generally it is limited to those that are for PC games and those that having testing access included.  So when Jasmine Greene from SaltyPepper Studios emailed DBB to let us know about their Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter, I wondered […]

Hex: Shards of Fate Beta Hands-on

Our good friend Zhenya is back with a new Hex: Shards of Fate beta hands-on article for all of you to check out.  A few of us here at DBB bought into the Hex Kickstarter and have been playing in both the alpha and beta tests for the game, and if you like TCG’s then […]

Minimum Hands-On Opinions

The first Minimum play test was held this past weekend, and it was a blast!  If you didn’t get a chance to try it out, don’t worry there will be more, but you need to get your name in for the beta testing events over at the Minimum website. I happened to run into a […]

Supraball Open Alpha (and Mini Hands-On)

In the mood for some really hectic and yet fun muliplayer action?  If so (and really, who isn’t?), it is time for you to check out the Supraball open alpha! Sort of a cross between football (that is, American football) and soccer, Supraball is the spiritual successor to the popular Deathball mod from Unreal Tournament […]

Habitat Pre-alpha Hands-on

OK, full disclosure up front: I completely suck at base or city building games. Always have, and very likely always will. I am not sure what it is that makes me this way. I do fine at shooters, I do fine at MOBAs, and I do fine at RPGs. But give me a base or […]

The Red Solstice Alpha Hands-On

On the second day after I joined the alpha test of The Red Solstice, a fellow tester gave to me what was probably the most accurate description of the experience playing the game: “You can’t screw around in this game.  If you f**k up, you will die.” As I have come to realize, truer words […]

Interplanetary Alpha Hands-On

The good folks at Team Jolly Roger gave me alpha access for their upcoming space-based artillery game, Interplanetary, which requires players to build and manage their planets in order to launch attacks and protect their own population.  I was able to get some gameplay time under my belt and write up an Interplanetary Alpha Hands-On article […]

StarCrawlers Hands-On Preview

Elena Consacro over at Juggernaut Games was kind enough to provide Death by Beta with a preview demo of StarCrawlers.  I quickly played through it (three times actually) and wrote up some first impressions of the game.  If you have been considering pledging for the StarCrawlers Kickstarter, then read this quickly because only 12 hours […]

Thoughts about Strife

It would be fair to say that I have a complicated relationship with MOBAs.  No other type of game has the ability to utterly frustrate me, and yet at the same time utterly enthrall me.  As the saying goes, it’s a love hate thing.  I love them, and I love to hate them.  I have […]

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Articles [External]

As many of you know, there was another Elder Scrolls Online beta test event this past weekend.  As part of that, the NDA was dropped for press sites and the result was a huge raft of ESO beta opinions and articles suddenly hitting the web at the same time.  A couple of us here at […]