Caromble Early Access Hands-on

Check out our Caromble early access hands-on, and see what we think about this new break breaking game from Crimson Owl Studios! A while back, JT called me and asked if I would test and review a Ricochet-esque game called Caromble being developed by the good folks at Crimson Owl Studios. Ricochet, being one of […]

Defect Early Access Hands-on

Back in the middle of the summer I mentioned the Defect Kickstarter from Thee Phase Interactive that, as it turned out following my original post, successfully raised its funding goal.  Since that time, the Defect: Ship Destruction Kit early access launched on Steam as is available for everyone to purchase and jump into.  And then, […]

Legends of Callasia Hands-on, Demo, and Kickstarter

Back in the middle of this past summer we told you about the Legends of Fire and Steel Kickstarter from Boomzap Entertainment that was cancelled before the end of the campaign.  As it turns out, the game was down but not out, because once again Monika Guballa from Boomzap emailed us last week to tell […]

Labyrinth Kickstarter and Hands-on (time sensitive!)

Over this past weekend, Wayne Karo from Free Range Games sent us an email to tell us about the Labyrinth Kickstarter, which is now entering its final two days.  It sounds like one of our regular readers pledged to support Labyrinth and during the campaign suggested to Free Range Games that they should ask us […]

Tricone Lab Alpha Hands-on

None of you would have any reason to know this, but I actually am trained as a biochemist with quite a bit of experience in microbial genetics and cell biology. Fascinating, I know, but I wanted to tell you that in order to explain why I think that Tricone Lab (currently under development) is so […]

The Death List for August 2015

My, how the time flies.  It is mid September already so let’s return to last month and recap all of the game testing news in the Death List for August 2015.  One thing that really stood out last month is just how many Kickstarters were launched and then subsequently cancelled.  I didn’t bother listing them […]

A.I. Invasion Early Access Hands-on

A few days ago the A.I. Invasion began, and what I mean by that is that the A.I. Invasion early access from GameArt Studio recently launched on Steam.  At the time I didn’t mention it because I suspected that I could gain access to the game and actually try it out before writing anything up.  […]

Hyperspace Pinball Hands-on

When I was still a wee lad (bloody years ago it seems) I used to frequent video arcades a lot, sticking a non-stop stream of quarters into whatever flashy game took my fancy.  However, I am embarrassed to admit that I am old enough to remember the video arcades and local bowling alleys still having […]


A few weeks ago we told you about the XO Kickstarter that is currently underway and that has already successfully reached its goal.  As you can imagine, Jumpdrive Studios has been super busy working to raise the funds and promote the game, but Corey Warning from Jumprive was still able to find some time to […]

Systole Prototype Demo and Mini Hands-on

[Update: the Systole Kickstarter is now live!] So late last week, Jorge Veloso from Collective Consciousness emailed us here at DBB asking us to try out the prototype demo for their new side scrolling platformer, Systole.  As it turns out, the demo is freely available via the Systole Greenlight page on Steam, so all of […]

GameVox Beta and Mini Hands-on

I think we can all agree that gaming VOIP has become completely second nature to online gamers in the past decade or so.  Communication while competitive gaming is simply vital, and since you are almost never sitting next to your teammates, you pretty much have no choice other than to use some kind of VOIP […]

Medieval Engineers Early Access Hands-on (Part I)

I remember playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 five, maybe six, years back. The ability to destroy buildings and cover was a revelation. At the time, I was convinced it was the next big feature and that I’d be romping through mostly destructible worlds within a year or two. Sad to say, it did not turn […]

H1Z1 Early Access Hands-on

When H1Z1 was announced last year I sighed, took a deep breath, and wondered why Sony (by now, Daybreak) was shoveling development money into a DayZ ripoff. So when they announced early access recently I did the only logical thing that I could think of. I immediately spent the twenty bucks and bought in! What […]

Darkest Dungeon Hands-on

I lost a Grave Robber earlier today because she had a pity party and refused all healing. Yes you read that correctly. I had a party member that was so despondent that they refused the very healing that would have saved their life. They kept saying “woe is me” right up until the moment a […]

Games of Glory Hands-on

Last week Death by Beta was invited to try out the Games of Glory alpha test during a press event, and I wanted to write up some thoughts about the game.  But first, let’s step back a bit in DBB history. It seems like a long time ago now, but back near the beginning of […]

Skara Dev Q&A

Oh, it figures!  Less than an hour after we published our Skara Hands-on in which we lamented that the Skara devs were clearly too busy to respond to our Skara dev Q&A questions that went sent to them, I received an email with the answers (or perhaps the article was the catalyst).  In any case, […]