Next Up Hero Beta Key Giveaway

We have a bunch of Next Up Hero beta keys to give away, so grab one quickly to test out this new 2D adventure game with an interesting co-op mechanic! First off, Happy New Year to everyone! So a couple of days ago, Chris Bashaar from Aspyr emailed Death by Beta asking if we would […]

K’NOSSOS Demo and Kickstarter

Check out the K’NOSSOS demo from Svarun Entertainment and consider supporting the Kickstarter for this surreal looking sci-fi point’n’click adventure game! Today is going to be a bit of a Kickstarter demo sort of week. This is because I have received some emails this past weekend regarding several different Kickstarter projects that feature demos, which […]

The Sandbox Evolution Beta Registration

Pixowl needs some testers for the upcoming Sandbox Evolution beta, so sign up for a chance to test out the PC version of this pixel art world builder game! A brand new week, and yet another opportunity to clear the backlog of emails and news bulletins. We are almost there! This next news item is […]

Sebastian Frank Indiegogo

About one and a half months ago we told you about the Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch, a new point’n’click adventure game from the good Portuguese folks over at Sebastian Frank Games (which I previously called Wittyplot…hopefully I got it correct this time).  At that time we were talking about the demo of the […]

Sebastian Frank Demo

Apparently DBB has made some new friends over in Portugal!  A couple of days ago Cláudio Fernandes from Wittyplot based in Portugal emailed DBB to point us in the direction of their new adventure game, Sebastian Frank.  More specifically, they pointed us in the direction of the Sebastian Frank demo that is currently available for […]

Demetrios Demo

A couple of days ago DBB received a message via our Twitter account from Breton Fabrice, the one man show behind the Demetrios Kickstarter that is currently underway.  Monsieur Fabrice asked us to check out the Kickstarter and to see if we would mind telling everyone about it considering that there is a Demetrios demo […]

Goliath Kickstarter

I don’t recall when or where DBB first heard about Whalebox and their upcoming game, Goliath, but somewhere along the way someone signed us up for the Goliath newsletter.  Not for naught, as it turns out, because a few minutes ago we received an email informing us that the Goliath Kickstarter is now live!  After […]

Jenny LeClue Teaser Demo

Close to a year ago we told you about the Jenny LeClue Kickstarter and spent some time describing this rather slick looking adventure game.  In fact, I decided to back the game because I thought it would be a great game.  And so, as backer, I am ashamed to say that I have been a […]

Deadwood Demo

The Deadwood Kickstarter reboot has been going rather swimmingly, and currently Steamroller Studios has raised 91% of the goal in just the first three days.  And while I can’t say for sure if it is true, I would like to think that DBB has been helping out with that success even just a little bit.  […]

Deadwood Kickstarter Reboot

It was actually less than a three weeks ago when DBB stumbled upon the Deadwood Kickstarter and reported on it.  Since then, Steamroller Studios decided that they weren’t happy with the campaign or how it was progressing, and so they decided to pull the plug and reboot the whole thing.  And so here we are, […]

Deadwood Kickstarter

OK, are you all sitting down?  Good, because I am about to say something that will shock you…I think I have found a zombie game that I can finally get into. Yes, I know all of you are now asking “who are you and what have you done with the real Cyber?!”  But I am […]

Commander Kamala Pre-Alpha

Here is another interesting game test that we stumbled upon via Twitter (or, to be technically correct, stumbled upon us).  Commander Kamala is a new in-development game from Escape Fuel that is described as, in their words, a space action comedy game.  That sounds intriguing, but before we dig a bit more into that I […]

Igneos Kickstarter and Demo

It feels like we haven’t done much in the way of Kickstarter news lately so here is one to fill that void, and it is about a game from some fellow Vancouverites to boot!  Igneos: The Last Phoenix is a new in-development game from BearinMind Games, and you can check out the new Igneos Kickstarter […]

Crossing Souls Kickstarter

Yesterday DBB received an email from Juan Vazquez from Fourattic to tell us about their new game, Crossing Souls.  Moreover, he wanted to let all of you know that the Crossing Souls Kickstarter is currently underway, and if you are a fan of those venerable orthogonal 2D adventure and RPG games from the 1980s then […]

Izle Alpha Registration

Just by sheer chance I was watching the DBB Twitter feed this morning when a Tweet shot by regarding the Izle alpha registration that I gather has been live for about a month now.  So, of course, I starting clicking on the links to find out what exactly Izle is all about. And I am […]

Obra Dinn Development Demo

So Lucas Pope, the man behind the rather popular Papers, Please has released playable development demo of his new game The Return of the Obra Dinn.  If you want to check it out you can grab the Obra Dinn development demo and give it a whirl. The Return of the Obra Dinna is a first […]