Medieval Engineers Early Access Hands-on (Part I)

I remember playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 five, maybe six, years back. The ability to destroy buildings and cover was a revelation. At the time, I was convinced it was the next big feature and that I’d be romping through mostly destructible worlds within a year or two. Sad to say, it did not turn […]

H1Z1 Early Access Hands-on

When H1Z1 was announced last year I sighed, took a deep breath, and wondered why Sony (by now, Daybreak) was shoveling development money into a DayZ ripoff. So when they announced early access recently I did the only logical thing that I could think of. I immediately spent the twenty bucks and bought in! What […]

Cube World Alpha

Cube World, an adventure/RPG set in a voxel based procedurally generated world, is now available for $20 via the game’s store. The $20 gets you immediate access to the latest version of the alpha and all future updates to the game.  Keep in mind, the game is still in alpha and is feature incomplete!  Check […]

Path of Exile Open Beta Phase Two

Path of Exile is entering Phase Two of its open beta.  Path of Exile is a ARPG with extensive character customization options and random maps on which to play.  Patch 0.11.0 has rebalanced the classes (free respecs for all!) and added new challenges and leagues to the game.  You can play Path of Exile right […]

HEX: TCG Beta Notification Sign-up

HEX: Shards of Fate, the newly revealed “MMO TCG” by Cryptozoic is accepting beta notification signs-ups.  Click the Beta link in the upper right of their site and enter your e-mail address.  They are also offering guaranteed beta access if you donate to their kickstarter campaign, which runs until June 7th. The game claims to […]

Project Zomboid Alpha Test

The Project Zomboid alpha test is underway.  You can participate by buying the game, which gets you immediate access to the latest builds and a copy of the game when it is finished.  Project Zomboid is a zombie survival rpg with a focus on scavenging, crafting and building to survive the zombie apocalypse. Return to […]