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Project Winter Alpha Registration - Death by BetaThe Project Winter alpha starts soon, so sign up for a chance to test out this multiplayer survival game in which some players are working against you!

Well, not that any of you care but I am neck deep into a new semester of teaching (yeah, I teach at university on the side). I am simply saying that to try and excuse me being slow at catching up with PC game testing news. But, hey, here is something that sounds like a fun testing opportunity. Gillian over at Other Ocean Interactive emailed Death by Beta a few days ago to let us know that the Project Winter alpha is starting up at the end of the month. As you might expect, you can sign up for a chance to participate!

Project Winter sounds like some devious fun. From what I gather from the information sent to me, it is a survival game for eight players. The twist is that only six of those players are actually trying to survive and escape. The other two players are secretly traitors that are working to sabotage the efforts of the six. Of course, other than a traitor knowing that they are a traitor, no one knows who is who. That sounds like a lot of fun! Check out the Project Winter website and gameplay trailer below for more details.

Speaking of the game’s website, while you are over there I recommend scrolling to the bottom to find the Project Winter alpha registration button (or click here for the registration form). Get on it and get ready to do some backstabbing!



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