I’m Not a Monster Open Beta

I'm Not a Monster Open Beta - Death by BetaAlawar Premium and Cheerdealers have just launched the I’m not a Monster open beta, so try out this retro sci-fi tactical game of monsters versus humans!

Just last week we told you about the Beholder 2 beta test that Alawar Premium is running. Today (or, technically, yesterday) Alawar announced that the I’m not a Monster open beta is now up and running via Steam. Anyone who wants to jump in a try out this tactical sci-fi PvP game is welcome to do so!

I’m not a Monster is brought to us by both Cheerdealsers and Alaway Premium, the same dynamic duo that brought us Distrust. This time around, the action is most tactical, decidedly turn-based, and mostly PvP (at least during the open beta test). The premise is that a tourist starship has been invaded by shape-shifting aliens that can disguise themselves as humans, and the real humans need to survive and escape. How this plays out is that a group of six players start a game together, with one or two of them being the alien monsters. Of course, only the monsters know who is who, and the human players need to figure that out while trying to work together to save the ship’s passengers. Trust no one!

All of this is presented using a retro sci-fi aesthetic taken straight out of the mid-20th century play book. It looks quite slick and sounds like a lot of fun. Oh, I should also mentioned that the turn-based gameplay actually uses a synchronous turn-based system where everyone plans their moves at the same time and everything is resolved together (think Frozen Synapse and Atlas Reactor). It is also worth mentioning that while the I’m not a Monsters open beta is only PvP based, it does sound like you can play with bots if you can’t find anyone else to join in.

If all of this sounds like your kind of bag then all you need to do is head over to the I’m not a Monster Steam page and download the game’s demo. It is called a demo on Steam but it is actually the I’m not a Monster open beta client. Also, please note that anyone that participates in the I’m not a Monster open beta can fill out a survey and be eligible for some prizes. You can check out those details here. So, download the I’m not a Monster open beta and give it a whirl. Enjoy!



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