Worbital Beta Test

Worbital Beta Test - Death by BetaTeam Jolly Roger is back with more planet crushing action in the Worbital beta test that is currently underway, and you can request a beta key to join in!

Well, golly, it seems not all that long ago that we were telling everyone about the Interplanetary test that the good folks at Team Jolly Roger were running. Clearly that is only in my mind because looking back, it was actually four years ago. Crazy. Anyway, the reason I bring that up is that Team Jolly Roger are back, and better yet they are currently running some public testing for their new game, Worbital! The Worbital beta is already live and it is a public beta test that seems pretty much open to anyone that requests a key.

It would seem that Team Jolly Roger are sort of sticking with what they know (not a bad thing). Interplanetary was a rather cool turn-based artillery game in which players control entire planets slinging heavy ordinance at each other. It was (and still is) a rather serious looking game with nicely modeled planets in a randomly generated solar system with gravitational well being part of the strategy for firing solutions. It was tense, and very satisfying.

Worbital appears to be sticking close to home, with a couple notable exceptions. Players are once again slinging interplanetary mud at each other, but Worbital takes a lighter side to things. Everything in the solar system is now presented with a colourful and cheerful visual style that seems at odds with the goal of detonating enemy planets. Also, this time around the action takes place in real time, so you don’t get to pause and think about your shots. The enemy players aren’t sitting around waiting for you! Here is the official list of features for the game that was sent to Death by Beta yesterday by email:

  • Interplanetary Artillery Warfare — Engage in real-time planet-to-planet cannonade in a shifting solar system, with the gravity as your ally… or enemy.
  • Preparation, Building, Tactics — Plan your loadout, build and upgrade weapons ranging from simple railguns to planet-derailing World Rammers.
  • Planetary Destruction — Aim and fire your artillery through space to chip away at enemies’ planet surface, reveal their core and blow it up.
  • Hype-Filled Obliteration — Wage orbital war against AI or challenge your friends in Online and Local Multiplayer (controller required for Local).
  • Cosmic Chaos — Survive as chunks of exploding planets, asteroids and other celestial objects threaten your planet, with explosive chain reactions eventually destroying the sun itself!   

If you like Interplanetary, or just enjoy artillery games in general, then Worbital is definitely worth a look. Team Jolly Roger are distributing Steam keys for the Worbital beta via their Discord channel. If you want to join in the planet crushing fun then all you need to do is follow the instructions below to grab a Worbital beta key. Enjoy!

1. Join the official Team Jolly Roger Discord server with this invite: https://discord.gg/kYYcrQu

2. Request a beta key by posting to Worbital #request-beta-key chat (mods will send the key to you as direct message).

3. Activate the received product key on Steam.

4. Enjoy the blasting and spread the cheer!



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