Yet Another Blazing Core Alpha Test

Yet Another Blazing Core Alpha Test - Death by BetaOctobox is running yet another Blazing Core alpha test starting today, June 8, and we have a huge number of Steam keys for the test. Grab one while you can!

It would seem that the good folks over at OctoBox are running fast and furious with their Blazing Core alpha tests. Case in point, another one is firing up today, and OctoBox were kind enough to send along some more Steam keys for you to grab!

Since we have already talked about Blazing Core a number of times there probably isn’t any need to explain the game again. Players suit up in big mechs and beat the living tar out of each other. What more do you need to know? Actually, there are some new details which I will crib from the official email that was sent to Death by Beta:

“Booted out of the battle right when your allies need you most? Not to worry! The revamped reconnect system will drop you off in the next round of the same match. You want to play in the same team as your friends? We’ve added party system to the game just for you! Create your own troops, gather the team of your dreams, and go join the action. Even more fun and tactics guaranteed. Invite your friends to the tests, team up with them, and grab victory with both of your metal hands!”

So there you go, sounds like a good time to test the game again. If you didn’t get a key in one of our last couple of giveaways, you can grab a Blazing Core alpha key below. By the way, I know last time there were some issues with duplicate keys being handed out. Octobox have assured me that that should be an issue again, so here is hoping! Enjoy!






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