Another Blazing Core Alpha Key Giveaway

Another Blazing Core Alpha Key Giveaway - Death by BetaThere is another Blazing Core alpha is set to fire up on April 20, and we have a bunch more Blazing Core alpha keys for Steam up for grabs so snag one while you can!

Well let’s see…it was only two weeks ago that we gave away a bunch of keys to the twelfth Blazing Core alpha test, and they went quickly. I guess the good folks at OctoBox were happy about that because they just sent another big chunk of keys to us here at Death by Beta. That is good news for all of you, and you can grab a key in our Blazing Core alpha key giveaway below!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Blazing Core is looking to blend armored mech warfare with medieval knight chivalry. Or something like that. All I see is players controlling big mechs beating the living snot out of each other! From the sound of it, OctoBox are eager to test out some new features that have been added to the alpha client, including new improved shooting mechanics and a spanky new voice system to let you communicate with other players!

This new Blazing Core alpha test (I guess this makes it the thirteenth alpha test event) goes live tomorrow, April 20, via Steam. So, grab a Steam key from the Blazing Core alpha key giveaway widget below and get ready to blow your opponents into spare parts! Enjoy!





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