Starfall Tactics Open Alpha Event

Starfall Tactics Open Alpha Event - Death by BetaThere is one more Starfall Tactics open alpha event before the game moves into beta testing, so give this real-time space fleet tactics game a whirl on February 21!

Well it appears that the good folks over at Snowforged Entertainment really want Starfall Tactics to remain as one of the most reported games on Death by Beta. I say that because they emailed us to let us tell you about the Starfall Tactics open alpha test that fires up tomorrow on February 21!

Actually, to be fair, they emailed us almost two weeks ago about it, but I figured I would wait until the day before so that it was very fresh in everyone’s mind. I am also calling this an “open alpha” even though they are calling it an “open pre-beta”. No matter what you call it, this is yet another chance to give it a whirl. For the uninitiated among you, Starfall Tactics is a real-time tactical space fleet game that will sport lots of PvE, clan warfare, galactic conquest, ship customization, and so on and so forth. Give the gameplay video a look below to get a better idea.

According to the official Starfall Tactics open alpha event announcement, there is plenty of new stuff being added including a new PvP mode. That same announcement has some details about how to get started with the Starfall Tactics open alpha once it fires up, so give it a look. Enjoy!



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