Metal Gear Survive Open Beta Incoming

Metal Gear Survive Open Beta Incoming - Death by BetaThere will be a Metal Gear Survive open beta test for the PC starting of February 16, so get ready to test out this new Metal Gear based zombie survival game!

After doing a quick survey of the gaming news sites this morning, I noticed this nugget via the good folks at Rock Paper Shotgun. Apparently the Metal Gear Survive open beta is going to help on the February 16 weekend. That seems like something all of you should know about!

Long-time readers of Death by Beta will know that I am not a fan of anything to do with zombies, so it almost pains me to write about this one. Still, in Metal Gear Survive the zombies all appear to have a glowing red crystal sprouting from their heads. Perhaps that is enough to warrant differentiating it. In any case, it appears that Metal Gear Survival will feature both a single player and co-op mode in which you must build defenses to repel the glow-heads while also wandering out to collect food and loot. There is some kind of story involving parallel dimensions and worm holes, which I suppose explains the crystals in some way. Check out the video below for a look at the gameplay.

Anyway, check out the official Metal Gear Survival open beta announcement (the news item should be at or near the top) for more details about the beta test and the rewards for playing. The Metal Gear Survive open beta will start of February 16 and run through February 18. Presumably you will be able to access the open beta via the game’s Steam page. Get ready!



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