Gears of Eden Alpha 2 Incoming

Gears of Eden Alpha 2 Incoming - Death by BetaThe second Gears of Eden alpha test is arriving soon, and you can sign up for a chance to help test this sandbox exploration and survival game!

First off, sorry for us being MIA recently. Both Phil and I are swamped with our day jobs (I am working two of them!), so things have been slow around lately. Anyway, let me try to get caught up a bit and start by telling you that the Gears of Eden alpha 2 test is apparently coming down the pipe. If you want a chance to be involved then you can sign up!

Gears of Eden seems to be progressing along since Cubit Games very recently celebrated their new Steam page for the game. The emails I received detailed the road map through the second alpha test and into the third down the road. For those not familiar with Gears of Eden, it is an exploration sand box game in which you control a self aware machine searching for clues and evidence about these mysterious human creators that have long since vanished. Here is the official blurb about the game that was emailed to us yesterday:

“Gears is a sci-fi RPG that takes place in the distant future. On the edges of a remote star system machines awaken with sentience, create communities, and search for their Creator (be it the mythical humans, a rumored machine god or the unexpected). Players take control of a lone surveying rover abandoned on a desolate asteroid. Adventures await as you mine, build and explore your way through an unfolding immersive narrative that blends in with rich open-world gameplay approach.

There you have it. If you are interested in getting involved, please know that Gears of Eden is still very deep in a true alpha phase and there is not much of a game yet. Still, if you want a chance to get involved, have a look at the game’s early access information for your options for getting into the Gears of Eden alpha 2 test. Signing up for the newsletter will put your name into the lottery for testing. Check it out!



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