Conqueror’s Blade Beta Registration

Conqueror’s Blade Beta Registration - Death by BetaThe Conqueror’s Blade beta registration is underway, so sign up for a chance to test out this incoming multiplayer medieval battle game!

I noticed this piece of news in an article posted yesterday over on Apparently the Conqueror’s Blade beta registration is underway, and according to MMOGames the beta is slated to start this month. I haven’t been able to confirm that elsewhere, but in any case you can still register for the Conqueror’s Blade beta if you are so inclined.

From what I understand, the Conqueror’s Blade beta registration actually fired up just before Christmas, but of course I was too busy with family stuff to notice (my bad!). In any case, Conqueror’s Blade from Booming Games looks like it could be quite the PvP game. To be honest, I don’t know much about the game at all other than what I can see from the game’s website and the gameplay trailers. It looks to be a fairly serious medieval warfare sandbox game where players and clans vie for control of castles and resources and the like. Swinging swords, charging cavalry, and firing arrows are everywhere. Have a look at the game trailers below to see what I mean and get an idea of the game world. It does look glorius!

So, if Conqueror’s Blade looks like something you could really get into then I suggest heading over to the game’s website and signing up for the Conqueror’s Blade beta. Hopefully it does indeed start soon. Check it out!




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