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Hunt: Showdown Alpha Registration - Death by BetaCrytek is developing a new PvPvE monster hunt game, and you can sign up for the Hunt: Showdown alpha test right now ahead of its launch!

I recall reading about Hunt: Showdown awhile back, but details about it clearly didn’t stick since I found myself reading up on it again today. The reason for my new interest in the game is that the Hunt: Showdown alpha registration is now live. So, all of you can sign up for a chance to help test the alpha when it goes live this coming winter.

Hunt: Showdown is being brought to us by the good folks over at Crytek, and it sounds gritty and intense. From what I gather, teams of players unite to hunt down and bag a marked monster. Monster hunt games seem to be making a surge lately. Anyway, your team won’t be alone hunting in the dark, because other teams are out for their own prize. That very well might just be something you are holding. It sounds like Hunt: Showdown will feature some glorious PvPvE gameplay!

The actual release date for the Hunt: Showdown alpha is vague, with “this winter” being about as good as it gets. Still, that isn’t far off, so make sure you sign up now for the Hunt: Showdown alpha test. Get on it!



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