Starfall Tactics Open Alpha Event

Starfall Tactics Open Alpha Event - Death by BetaSnowforged Entertainment is firing up a Starfall Tactics open alpha event on October 26, and you can register now to participate!

It seems like it has been awhile since we have talked about the Starfall Tactics alpha. Happily, there is good reason to do so once again because there is a Starfall Tactics open alpha event firing up in a few days on October 26 and running until November 11!

Starfall Tactics from Snowforged Entertainment is a rather ambitious undertaking. The game draws from a number of genres with its real-time tactical space fleet combat, tonnes of fleet customization options, PvE raids, and a grand scale galaxy domination MMO PvP meta game for players and clans of three factions to duke it out. It all sounds quite glorious and I really hope Snowforged pulls it off.

And you can help with that! Snowforged is looking to get a bunch of new alpha testers into the game with this incoming Starfall Tactics open alpha test. You can read about the details in the official announcement. From the sound of it, this included a huge update to the game and will allow players to start checking out more of the MMO side of things. All you need to do to participate is head over to the Starfall Tactics website and register. You will then be able to download the alpha client once the Starfall Tactics open alpha goes live on October 26. Enjoy!



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