Ghostly Horizon Beta Registration (sort of)

Ghostly Horizon Beta Registration - Death by BetaThe Ghostly Horizon beta test will hit in December, and you can follow the game on Steam now in order to get an invite to the beta test when it arrives!

During the night, Death by Beta received an email from Markus Boberg and the Ghostly Horizon team regarding their incoming game, you guessed it, Ghostly Horizon. Apparently the three-person team is gearing up for the Ghostly Horizon beta in December. They are also very interested in getting some people interested in helping test the game once the beta test arrives.

Ghostly Horizon is a third-person spell casting shooter in which players take control or either a Ghost or an Ecto and battle it out. Apparently there is unrest in the metaphysical world. Anyway, Ghostly Horizon is being built using a low-poly minimalist visual style with more of a focus on the gameplay. The upshot is that it should run blazingly fast on just about any gaming rig.

Players are each assigned the same number of stat points that they can allocate how they like on their Ghost or Ecto, and can choose their favourite spells to use in combat. Player skill is the name of the game though in Ghostly Horizon. There will be a number of different game modes running in the beta: Battle Royale (Free for all PvP), Conquest (Side-based PvP), Arena (PvP, Coop, Singleplayer), Survival (Coop, Singleplayer). I highly recommend checking out the game’s website or the game’s Steam page for more information.

Speaking of the game’s Steam page, that is how you can “register” for the Ghostly Horizon beta test. Simply follow the game via Steam and you will get an invite to the Ghostly Horizon beta once it fires up in December. Check it out!



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