Freeman: Star Edge Open Alpha (and Kickstarter)

Freeman: Star Edge Open Alpha - Death by BetaKK Game Studio is running the Freeman: Star Edge open alpha, and you can help test out this new open world sci-fi RPG ahead of the game’s Kickstarter!

So this early this morning we received an email from Tina Khristi over at KK Game Studio, and Tina was kind enough to share some info on their in-development sci-fi RPG called Freeman: Star Edge. Better yet, Tina mentioned that the Freeman: Star Edge open alpha client is available for everyone to try out. Plus, the Kickstarter for the game is a couple of weeks away!

Freeman: Star Edge looks quite ambitious, and KKGS describes it as a mash up of Mass Effect and Skyrim. That description alone should give you an idea of the intended scope. To save time, let me crib the official blurb from the game’s IndieDB site:

“Freeman: Star Edge is set in a vast open-world universe. Wander space and encounter grand fleets, mine and gather or engage in epic space combat. There are many distinct worlds to explore and inhabit, where you’ll find opportunities to trade, grab a drink and a job at the bar or wage battle in towns, cities and wilderness in first or third person perspectives. Plan your squads’ tactics: take it slow and steady with camouflage and suppressed weapons or attack the enemy full throttle with automatic weapons, sniper rifles and grenades. Customize your personal ship, build your home and assemble a team of mercenaries and unique companions. Improve your home planet by building industries. Become your own person, be that a mercenary taking on dangerous missions for the highest bidder, a stellar captain looking to conquer entire worlds for your own agenda, a lone wolf that uses stealth and guile to acquire anything not bolted down, or live out a peaceful life as a trader.”

That sounds pretty awesome to me. Plus, the recent released gameplay trailer make Freeman: Star Edge look pretty damn good, especially when you consider it is being made a small indie studio. I really hope that their Kickstarter does well when it goes live on October 3.

Prior to that, however, any of you who are interested in helping test the game should definitely head over to the Freeman: Star Edge open alpha download page and give it a try. If you like what you see then you can consider supporting the Kickstarter once it hits. Enjoy!



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4 thoughts on “Freeman: Star Edge Open Alpha (and Kickstarter)

  1. This game looks amazing! Please dont cancel it. This looks like something actually unique and i cant wait to see a more polished version of it.

  2. Don’t download this Game, my Anti-Virus found Malware,

    It also tried to change the Registry many times.

    It’s smart the way they have done this because it passes the security scans, and then activates when you start playing the game, it’s also too big to upload all of It

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