Battlerite Lite Beta Key Giveaway

Battlerite Lite Beta Key Giveaway - Death by BetaWe have a bunch of Battlerite Lite beta keys to give away, so grab one quickly to gain access to the Battlerite early access beta on Steam!

[Update, Sept 5: we have just added another big block of keys! Have at it!]

Almost exactly a year ago, we gave away some keys for the Battlerite beta. Since then, the Battlerite beta has entered its early access phase on Steam, and it has been very popular so far. But, the good folks at Stunlock Studios want to get even more people into the game. To that end they are introducing Battlerite Lite, a new option for jumping into the Battlerite beta. Even better, they were kind enough to send us a huge number of Steam keys for the Battlerite Lite beta, and you can grab on below!

So what exactly is Battlerite Lite? Well, essentially it grants players access to six of the more newbie-friendly heroes in the game, allowing them to jump into the Battlerite beta without having to purchase the full early access package. In other words, it is a lower barrier method to getting into the game and trying it out. Here is the official blurb that Johan Ilves at Stunlock Studios sent to Death by Beta (along with a big whack of Battlerite Lite beta keys):

“A Battlerite Lite key grants access to Battlerite Early Access and gives players access to six champions while the rest cost Battle Coins (or real currency) to unlock. The rest of the game works exactly the same and someone playing Battlerite Lite can opt to purchase the full Early Access package at anytime they wish during Early Access on the landing page.”

There you go! So if you are interested in trying out the Battlerite beta via Steam early access but don’t want to buy the full early game then grabbing a key from the Battlerite Lite beta key giveaway below will get you in! Enjoy!




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