Destiny 2 Open Beta Test

Destiny 2 Open Beta - Death by BetaBungie and Activision will be running the Destiny 2 open beta from August 29 to August 31, and you will be able to access it via Blizzard’s!

Given that there is so much hype out there regarding Destiny 2, I am well aware that this is old news. I am only adding it here purely to satisfy the completionist inside of me. Anyway, as I am sure all of you know, the Destiny 2 open beta on PC arrives on August 29!

I never tried the original Destiny from Bungie since it was denied to us PC gamers. My brother played it via console though and spoke highly of it despite its grindy nature. It remains to be seen if Destiny 2 will further the franchise or be more of the same, but at least it is coming to PC and that is good enough for me. It does look like Destiny 2 will provide plenty of fast paces sci-fi first person shooter action. Plus, it can be played solo or mutliplayer (both co-op and PvP).

I know I will certainly be giving it a shot when the Destiny 2 open beta goes live. I noticed last night when I was playing a bit of Diablo 3 that Destiny 2 has finally shown up in the games panel. As far as I know, Blizzard’s client is the only way to gain access to the Destiny 2 open beta and the full game one it goes live in October. If you don’t already have a account then it is time to get one! The Destiny open beta will run for three days and end when the month ends, so don’t miss it!



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