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Gears of Eden Alpha - Death by BetaCubit Games is ready to launch the Gears of Eden alpha, and you can still enroll for a chance to test out this sci-fi survival and exploration game!

Back in December of last year, I mentioned that the Gears of Eden alpha registration was underway. Well, hopefully you signed up back then because it appears that the Gears of Eden alpha is finally happening!

As I mentioned last time, Gears of Eden from Cubit Games is a survival and exploration in which the player takes control of a self-aware machine with an identity crisis. You must search for the answers to the meaning of life, which in this case means figuring out what happened to your long dead and somewhat mythical creators, also known as humans. Once again I will crib the official description of the game:

“Gears Of Eden is a story-driven sci-fi game that blends conventional  genres, combining crafting and survival with space exploration backed by a story-driven and mission-supported narrative. The result? A technical science-based game that prioritizes ease of use and fun in an open-world setting, while offering an engaging, captivating and epic space adventure story. You can think of us as a mashup between Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and Portal (yes, we have high aspirations)!”

According to the email I received from Cubit Games, and the official Gears of Eden Alpha One announcement, this version of the alpha is still very early stage stuff. Cubit is really stressing this because they are after testers that can really help them test features and they don’t want you to be disappointed when you find the Gears of Eden alpha to be far less than a complete game. Please keep that in mind. I also recommend checking out the Gears of Eden Alpha One tutorial below to get an idea of what state the alpha is in.

Alpha keys will be sent out in waves randomly to those that have already signed up, and not so randomly to those that have back the game. If you are interested in possibly getting in on the Gears of Eden alpha at some point then I suggest you head over to the game’s website and enroll. Get on it!



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